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Evedo Bites #27

How do you usually make an important decision — do you check all the facts or would you let someone influence you?

With us, most often, it’s a mix of both. That’s why this week we blended news and influencers, sprinkled a little Valentine’s mood on top, and wrapped it all up for you in hearty Evedo Bites #27.

Trendy Last Two Weeks

Speaking of difficult choices, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games have started with an eccentric Jurassic Park marketing campaign. Meanwhile, Berlinale goes in-person and Samsung brings Valentine’s Day into the metaverse.

“Typically, when you see celebrities start to adopt and use something new, … you reach the tipping point where it’s going to spill over to the masses. The fact that we’re seeing all of this star power jump in, from LeBron and Gwyneth to Matt Damon and Jimmy Fallon, I think it’s just a sign that, culturally, we’re embracing this.”

Marc Beckman, author of The Comprehensive Guide to NFTs, Digital Artwork, and Blockchain Technology

👉 Brave hearts! Crypto is the new story that celebrities are telling us.

👉 Fast-track your NFT education with these 15 famous Twitter and YouTube influencers.

👉 8 women that know. Get to know these ladies who are packed with priceless crypto advice.

👉 Drink from the well. Meet the best crypto personalities in the crypto-friendliest country, Singapore.

The Business

The next few months are loaded with remarkable online and offline events, so plan accordingly.

Decentraland is hosting the first Metaverse Fashion Week, Photo credit: Prestige Online

Evedo Lately

We continue juggling between our projects and our CEO, Stoyan Angelov will speak about all of them at MetaWeek between March 7–10. Get more info for the event below and then you can also read about our partnership with The NFTist. Finally, don’t miss our latest article on Plentix featuring VAГАБОНТИ.

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