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Evedo Bites #3

Every other Sunday we create a special package with fine pieces of content for you. That’s exactly what we did now as well but this time we put a little ribbon on top of it because it’s the women’s holiday season!

While we’re following all the exciting events that highlight women's achievements, we can’t help noticing how fascinating and digitally advanced our industry is becoming every single day.

Trendy Last Two Weeks

Trevor Noah is hosting the Grammys tonight. The ceremony will be virtual and will last for many, many hours as usual.

While the Grammys’ lineup is confirmed, other performers around the world, unfortunately, got their gigs for the summer canceled. Not everything is lost, though, some impressive investments are on the way.

“Technology will be the future of events, absolutely no question about it. From the way live events are ticketed to the shift into virtual events as a result of the pandemic. Our events simply just wouldn’t exist anymore without technology.”

Hannah Windeler, marketing manager of editorial events at The Telegraph

Claressa Shields after becoming a two-division undisputed champion, Photo credit: Sky Sports

👉 Girls on fire. Here’s the whole interview with Hannah Windeler from The Telegraph and three other influential women from the event industry.

👉 Boxing queen! Peep behind the scenes of the historic win of boxer Claressa Shields.

👉 Gooo, Victoria! Victoria Georgieva, a favorite music artist of ours and one we’ve also done an #IndustryTalks interview with, revealed the song she’s going to be performing at Eurovision 2021.

👉 Women in Africa share their crypto experiences on Women’s International Day.

The Business

Virtual, more virtual, extremely virtual. Where is this possibly going?

Nyan Cat Meme
  • A recent intelligence report is promising huge growth for the virtual events market. Look who’s in — here.
  • A week-long series of meme auctions is coming. Prepare for Memeconomy.
  • Develop Your Future, a job event for IT professionals and developers is going online. See when and how to register.
  • Digital Events Awards will take place on March 18 and it’s free to attend.

Evedo Lately

We had quite an intense and productive two weeks. There’s a new exchange listing happening later this month as well.

We’re lucky because our community made us very happy with a lot of engagement. Thank you and here’s what’s going on with us, in case you missed it.

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