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Evedo Bites #33

Goals are like bananas, they come in bunches. With so many changes in the events and crypto space, bunches are overflowing, and goals become bolder than ever.

We piled up interesting news for today’s Evedo Bites but that’s not all — we’re also taking you on a trip to the desert!

Trendy Last Two Weeks

Sandbox and Decentraland are spreading their tentacles over some of the most appealing regions in the world and Spotify, naturally, is landing on the metaverse.

“Burning Man Arts is thrilled to announce the art installations selected for Black Rock City 2022 Honorarium art grants. There’s nothing quite like the announcement of our Honoraria artists to get us psyched to build our city in the dust, and our anticipation is higher than ever after two years away from the playa.”

Burning Man Journal

An art installation selected for Black Rock City 2022 Honorarium, Photo credit: Burning Man Journal

👉 88 sustainable art projects are sponsored by the Burning Man Project this year.

👉 Another art and music festival is taking place in Black Rock City playa in the summer.

👉 A breathtaking desert in Namibia is hosting Bar-HP Festival at the end of the month.

👉 Want to sink deep in the Morrocan dunes? Here’s what you can do.

The Business

The list of countries that adopt crypto is growing! We bet next time we talk, it will look more like a book than a list.

Binance made an impact in France, Photo credit: Binance

Evedo Lately

Everything you need to know about the evolution of Evedo’s ecosystem is in Evedo Talks 32. We also recommend reading our latest post on Fragmint about the NFT culture.

Watch Evedo Talks here.

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