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Evedo Bites #39

Players don’t need to get a life. They have many lives.

Virtually or physically, we want you to benefit from all the boundless possibilities in the event and crypto worlds. Jump with both feet into Evedo Bites 39 and choose the experience that appeals most to you!

Trendy Last Two Weeks

Are you craving something quirky, funny, and dashing? Here’s an exquisite selection:

“Avocados might be among the few things that expire faster than a crypto price, but Chipotle is still giving people a way to “buy the dip.”


Chipotle’s Buy the Dip campaign, Photo credit: Axios.com

👉 Dip deeper with Chipotle. Crypto awards are the high spot in the food chain’s latest marketing efforts.

👉 Enticing traditional gamers. Get info about the first gaming console that will support multiple blockchains and NFTs.

👉 Unpredictable gene sequences on the blockchain— Xiaomi introduces a unique patent for creating virtual characters.

👉 Old but gold! Two crypto companies unite to reintroduce Solitaire and Sudoku with a new twist.

The Business

It’s never too hard to uncover the hidden value in blockchain and its countless applications.

Blockchain can open access to carbon markets, Photo credit: Weforum.org

Evedo Lately

Keep up with the latest on Fragmint, Plentix, and Evedo, all wrapped up below.

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