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Evedo Bites #40

Evedo’s knocking on your door to remind you that life is never dull. Especially in August!

This week, apart from sharing the latest crypto and events news, we’ll be talking about meta love. Let’s get started!

Trendy Last Two Weeks

During the peak of the live gigs season, brands like Starbucks and Gucci immerse themselves in the metaverse.

“Did you know that VR dating is already a thing? Some dating platforms already have that feature. But those in relationships can also benefit from VR dating. They don’t have to log in to any dating platform. Yet a couple can go on a virtual walk together. So instead of spending a night in their rooms, they can spend it in Paris.”

We Rave You

VR dating is already happening, Photo credit: We Rave You

👉 Try a different setting! This is how the metaverse amends the rules in dating.

👉 Finding love in a hopeless place — a summary of the virtual dating options out there.

👉 Tinder swiped left. See why the most popular dating app stepped back from introducing in-app coins.

The Business

Gaming and NFT use-cases continue flooding the crypto space. Here are three examples of blockchain projects that bring high returns.

Blockchain-based gaming projects are key for Web3, Photo credit: Forkast.news

Evedo Lately

Once again we’re partnering with NexChange for Meta Week Dubai. Speaking of events, take a look at our interview with the nightlife custodian Lutz Leichsenring.

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