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Evedo Bites #7

Laid back, loud, or rolling with the punches — whichever mode you’re in this weekend, we’re here with the info. Our favorite topics are events, crypto, and innovations and that’s what we’re looking for.

Luckily, the last two weeks offered a lot of interesting content and in the end, it was even hard to pick only a few pieces to share.

Trendy Last Two Weeks

The Event Research Program in the U.K. is enabling Liverpool to party for all of us. Feeling encouraged, event companies in Cardiff decided to join forces and plan bigger parties together.

Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival got sold out in a flash. Almost the same happened with the latest UFC events.

“Music clubs are cultural institutions that shape the identity of city districts as an integral part of cultural and economic life.”

Pamela Schobeß, Berlin Club Commission

Berlin clubs declared cultural institutions, Photo credit: www.edmtunes.com

👉 Culture beat. A new status for iconic Berlin clubs is coming soon.

👉 Berlin’s “event intelligentsia” talking about creating meaningful experiences digitally.

👉 Gaming masters are competing. Guess who is the Valorant Champions Tournament host this year.

👉 Physically being there The most significant technology marketplace IFA is returning to Berlin.

The Business

They are not competition, they are valid proof that it can be done. Staying on track with successful people and ideas brings success.

Gary Vaynerchuk with a piece of his NFT collection, Photo credit: www.cnbc.com

Evedo Lately

It seems like Evedo and the $EVED are becoming more and more appealing every day as we’ve reached over 4K on CoinMarketCap this week. Maybe this has to do something with the awesome festivals coming up this summer!

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