Electric Sheep Response 1

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip Dick reminds me of “A Brave New World” but with more environmental issues addressed than societal ones.

I find the need to take care of animals and the societal pressure to do so in the book interesting, like some sort of cultural guilt developed from the destruction. Yet, they also want to destroy androids because they are more powerful/intelligent than humans and have no empathy.

Androids however weren’t the ones to have such a world war that people had to colonize other planets. I wonder in this scenario that if the androids took over if they would fix the planet and not persecute humans. I can only speculate as I progress into the book.

Also, perhaps the caring of animals in the book are a result less of a guilt but more “proof” that they are a follower of society’s beliefs. To have these beliefs is synonymous to being a human, as shown in the sympathy exam to fish out androids. Seems like everything is a result of fear .

I look forward to completing the book & will post another response soon.

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