Designamo Roundup: March Edition

Hello! This month’s peek behind the curtain (and into our #Designamo Slack exchange) covers a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from a new Pantone partnership to a sardonic Tumblr outlining how designers make big bucks. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Nick Babich details why microinteractions are the secret to designing killer apps on UX planet

Down to details
We’re loving this quick read on the importance of microinteractions in app design. These subtle cues not only have the power to encourage users to interact with products, but can also bring empathy into the user experience.

Scrolling through the site, it’s obvious that Wonderland is driven by the details

Through the Looking Glass
Major props to Wonderland, for putting together one of the most kick-ass agency websites ever. We love everything — even down to the page transitions and loading animations.

Go ahead — make magic with your cursor on this header

London Calling
We were delighted to see that our friends at MUTEK are sponsoring this art/music/tech festival in London. Convergence is a celebration of pioneers, so it’s only fitting that they did something so fun and interactive for their website.

The app work on UNIQLO — an obsessive’s dream

Spring Forward
Spring/Summer is an agency based out of Copenhagen, and their website is the stuff of dreams. Their work on UNIQLO is particularly impressive.

The awesome titling work for Vice’s new TV channel: Viceland

With Spike Jonze at the creative helm, Vice’s new television channel Viceland is taking an unfiltered approach to topics ranging from music, food, technology, sexuality, fashion, film and more. The identity and on-air package was designed by Gretel. Generally speaking, we’ve been indifferent to the Ugly Design movement, but find the organization and structure behind these layouts is actually quite fun. In fact — seeing the on-air animations makes us giddy.

Uber unveiled its controversial new logo last month

Edge of Glory
This Tumblr cracked us up. Taking aim at big-budget re-designs a la Uber, Cutting Edge Logos offers this handy three-step guide to designing logos:

  1. Set the name in a retail typeface
  2. Cut off some corners in Illustrator
  3. Cash a big check
Allbirds shoes are made sustainably from merino wool

The Bird Is The Word
Has there ever been a cooler website designed for tennis shoes? We think not. All Birds manufactures merino wool runners that look impossibly cool.

Steven Kasprzyk is previewing the first chapter of “Myths of Design” on his website

Back It Up
We love the Myths of Design Kickstarter project. At one point or another along the creative journey, it’s easy to get disillusioned by looming deadlines, difficult clients or a challenging workplace — but this book showcases how some of the foremost figures working in design industry have worked through their creative ruts.

Jessica Walsh’s Color Bridge system

In Living Color
Pantone partnered up with Chip Kidd and Jessica Walsh to unveil 112 new additions to the PMS system. The company boasts that these colors are “more relevant” for contemporary packaging, and place emphasis on “specific market requests.” We’re sold!