Leaving on a Jetplane… Dynamo Remote Month!

aka #WFBeach

Louise Heng
Mar 14, 2017 · 3 min read
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Yes, you are reading correctly: Dynamo is heading out of office. Or, rather, a small contingent of Dynamo is! Eight of us will be setting up shop in the sunny beach town of El Tunco, El Salvador to spend the month of April living the remote working life (or, to borrow from internal slang, Working From Beach/WFBeach)

How did this happen?

Dynamo is a company that has remote work completely engrained into its culture. As an organization, we have 100% remote employees (we even have one on Remote Year right now!) and encourage employees to work from wherever they want. With this in mind, DRM! was the perfect way to, as Corey our head of Operations put it, call Dynamo out on these ideals.

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Photo courtesy of Booking.com

I’ll spare you most of the organizational details that went into this (I can’t give away all of my secrets!) but this has been officially in the works since October 2016 and a pipe dream of mine since I returned from my last remote work trip. Once my initial proposal went out, everything went pretty quickly: interested parties chose a location (I had proposed two different houses in different countries), verbally committed to the trip, I booked the trip and put a down payment on the house… All this came together in one month.

A Few Details

El Tunco is a little surf-centric village on the central Pacific coast of El Salvador. We rented an entire house, just on the beach, that is located a skip away from the main drag. Living in front of world-class surf breaks and surrounded by volcanoes and coffee plantations, waterfalls, cloud forests and more, there’s no shortage of cultural activities on offer. We will also have the pleasure to partner with the orphanage REMAR El Salvador while there!

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T-B, L-R: Braden (Backend Dev), Guillaume/Boris (Frontend Dev), Corey (Partner + Director of Operations) w/ Jude, Oli and Eli (honorary Dynamo), Nick (PM), Karl (iOS Dev), Louise (Designer), Simon (honorary Dynamo), Alix (PM), CAB (Backend Dev), Richard (Frontend Dev)

The Crew

We are a motley bunch. Some of us have travelled the world, some of us are masters at Google Docs, some of us love to take photos, some of us enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude, some of us have never left Quebec, some of us can’t surf, some of us have kids, some of us can’t speak a lick of Spanish, some of us aren’t staying for the whole month, some of us don’t even work for Dynamo, but ALL of us can’t wait to go!

What’s coming?

We can’t wait to share how this weird period of co-habitation, co-working, remote-work, roommate-life, surf-time goes for us. In this grand experimentation, we hope to offer insights into our lives as remote workers and the lessons that we learn along the way.

Make sure you don’t miss a thing by following our various Dynamo social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also here, on Medium! Over the next six weeks we’ll be blogging, sharing photos and video-ing so keep your eyes open!

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If you want to find out more or would like to help us with our volunteering and fundraising efforts, please check out our GoFundMe!

Have you been to El Salvador? Have any advice for us? What do you think about remote working? Is there something you would like to see from us? Our ears are open!

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