Remindful: The app we built to guide you back to the present

A little while ago when the Dynamo team was working on a wellness app for a client, we noticed a hole in the market for a well-designed mindfulness reminder app.

After months of on-going personal research about mindfulness and meditation, the concept of the app became more and more relevant to use in my daily life. Meditating and moments of mindfulness can help us remain focused, reduce stress, improve productivity, regulate our emotions, increase self-awareness and make us better listeners, among many other benefits.

During our first Dynaday (when we take a break from our client projects and have free reign to work on internal, Dynamo-driven projects) I teamed up with Alex Nemeroff, Dynamo Co-founder & Design/UX Lead, and François Bianchin, Dynamo iOS Dev Extraordinaire, to work on our new pet project. And so, it is with great pleasure that we introduce:


We designed this reminder app to alert you at customized intervals throughout the day, gently prompting you to come back to the present moment and help guide you to become more mindful.

You can personalize your experience by selecting between 3 frequency options, 3 traditional meditation sounds, and 3 messages to use as checkpoints throughout the day to pause and observe your mind to see how it’s doing.

The Remindful app is currently available as a free download worldwide on the mobile App Store. Check it out and leave us a review— Android version coming soon!

If you’d like to learn more about how mindfulness could transform your workplace, take a look at my earlier article “The Ripple Effect of Mindfulness.”