10 Simple Steps to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

If you are organizing a business conference, it is good to streamline the process into ten simple steps.

1. Determine the Purpose of an Event: Sit down with your managers and discuss the purpose of organizing the conference. Is it to attract new clients? Generate more revenue? Gain publicity? Keep this purpose clear in your mind as you proceed through the rest of the list.

2. Make a wish list: Write down on a sheet of paper all the details such as decorative hire, catering, lighting, venue, guest speakers, and fun activities to be included in the event.

3. Create Your Budget: Draft a budget spreadsheet listing the important items of your wish list — entertainers, the cost of decorative hire Sydney, location rental, food, lighting, audio/visual needs, gifts, and printed materials. How will you pay for your event via cash, credit card or debit card? Don’t forget to include emergency costs.

4. Choose Wisely: Cots will undeniably be a factor take into consideration when choosing your event date, venue, and what solutions to offer, but so will attendance. You want to choose a venue that is either in the same town as many guests, or near to it. Your ideal guest speaker may be a renowned artist, but practically you probably need to go with an affordable choice.

5. Call Vendors/Suppliers: Begin contacting the service providers/vendors in your budget spreadsheet as soon as possible.

6. Find Entertainers: An event is incomplete without entertainment. Find entertainers who will best help you achieve the business objectives and are within your price range. (Do not expect renowned keynote speakers to appear for free).

7. Set the Date and Time of Your Event: Never organize an event on a public holiday. Set the agenda for your conference: starting time and ending time. Plan to feed your guests every few hours, either with a complete meal or a break snack.

8. Advertise Your Event: Market your event through email or posting banners. If suitable, make use of local event listing websites.

9. Check, double check your vendors and suppliers: Plan for a stress-free “Day Of” and tour the venue before your conference begins to make sure everything is in working order.

10. Evaluate Your Event: Quickly ask for feedback, announce your evaluation on the event itself, and Let your attendees do the talking. 
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