5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Dapr to Build Event-driven Microservices

Why Dapr excels at building distributed, loosely-coupled, event-driven Microservices

A visual guide to Dapr by Nitya Narasimhan

Dapr — Distributed Application Runtime

Dapr has pre-built components that solve a common set of problems.

Dapr’s Building Blocks — Source

Dapr is portable

Dapr is platform-agnostic

The Dapr Ecosystem — Source

Building Event-driven Microservices with Dapr

A Typical Event-driven Architecture — Source

1. Compose your system with loosely-coupled, polyglot components

How building blocks expose a public API that is called from your code, using components to implement the building blocks’ capability.

2. Provides first-class support for producing and consuming events with its building blocks

Dapr’s pub/sub architecture — Source

3. Easily harness the true power of Kubernetes.

4. Dapr provides rich observability.

Dapr Provides OpenTelemetry compliant trace collection — Source

5. Dapr wraps events with the CloudEvents format

"specversion" : "1.0",
"type" : "xml.message",
"source" : "https://example.com/message",
"subject" : "Test XML Message",
"id" : "id-1234-5678-9101",
"time" : "2020-09-23T06:23:21Z",
"datacontenttype" : "text/xml",
"data" : "<note><to>User1</to><from>user2</from><message>hi</message></note>"



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