Rise of the Streaming Databases — Episode 2 : Apache Pinot

How Pinot solves the toughest problems in the data analytics today with its low-latency, high throughput query capabilities

Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

What is Apache Pinot?

Where is Pinot coming from?

Uber Eat’s Restaurant Manager was where Pinot had flexed its muscles for the first time.

What problems does Pinot solve?

User-facing analytics

Ad-hoc querying and exploratory data analysis

Operational intelligence and time-series data processing

Third Eye, which is an ad-hoc analysis solution is used at LinkedIn.

How does Pinot stores data?

Storage model — tables, schemas, and segments

Logical view of Pinot’s data model

Pinot architecture

Pinot Architecture — Image Credits

Pinot is a distributed system

Pinot Controller

Pinot Broker

Pinot Server

Pinot Minion

Querying data in Pinot

Scatter-gather execution model

Image Credits

Query interfaces

Query Console for interactive data analysis





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