10 Recommendations to Meetup Organizers

As a meetup organizer, finding new ideas to make meetup events more fun and invigorating is a given. You want to organize an event successfully and you want the participants to remember well the event you organized. On that note, you need to constantly stay updated of the latest trends, ideas and tools that can help you launch a successful meetup.

  1. Stay Visible — Finding people can be sometimes hard in meetups. On that note, you have to make sure that your members can find you. You can have them sign at your table or have them wear name tags. This doesn’t only help the attendees find you but also encourage new members. You can order to print them or to buy empty ones.
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2. Make a Planning Team — Instead of asking everyone which is a waste of time, you can simply find at least two people to form a planning team. The team will map out some topics and after an introductory meetup, you can proceed on organizing the event from there.

3. Taking on Feedback — Listen to feedbacks but don’t wait too long. In events like these, people rarely want to contribute and just want to attend. If they really want to contribute, they follow through it and not wait for long so don’t expect too much.

4. Ice Breakers — To help members feel at home, think of a few ice breakers. It will not only make them feel at ease but is a great way to find connections between members. You can ask everyone to introduce themselves, their names, occupation and their goal in attending the event. That may brake the ice!

5. Know Your Members — Not all members honor their RSVP. But remember it’s important to keep track of who attends the meetup and not. This way, you can personally send them your thanks for attending. Just ask them to wright down their names on a special list, so you don’t loose it.

6. Check with Your Members — Have an idea for meetup but not sure if members will be interested? You can oublish a question at your pages in social networks to get feedback about the idea. Take a minute and give your members a chance to share ideas about things they’d like to do together.

7. Create Regular Schedule — By creating a regular schedule for the meetup, you make it easier for your members to plan in advance and attend your event. Don’t forget to publish the schedule.

8. Find a Space in Bashbot — If you are looking for event space, Bashbot provides the widest network with more than 200 spaces in selection. Bashbot helps you find the perfect space and introduces you directly to the host with your booking request automatically sent.

9. Promote Your Event — Promoting is a way of telling that you value the upcoming event. You are inviting people and letting them know why it is good for them.

10. Don’t forget to organise a group either on Facebook either on Meetup, so those who are interested will follow your news and will RSVP for meetups.

These are some of the best recommendations that will help you organize the best meetup for you group. The important thing is that you stay focused on what you want to achieve for your members, what you want for them to get from this event. With that in mind, you can proceed to all the technical and small details to organize the best meetup.