5 Easy Steps to Organize Event

Efim Kolodkin
Feb 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Organizing events can seem like an overwhelmingly difficult task. Well, it can be especially if without organization and planning ahead. There’s a way to prevent that from happening starting from the planning, preparing and to the actual day of the event.

1. Think of the Concept

Think of an event idea that’s flexible and leaves room for modification. When you have finalized the idea, move forward to developing the concept from design, technology, location, partnerships and more. Think of what kind of event stands out today and which will give your audience the best experience.

2. Determine Your Audience

Determining your audience is important for a number of reasons. It helps you in finding the right partners and sponsors for your event. If you already have a speaker in mind, what specific kind of audience do you think they will attract? How about the price? If it’s too expensive, some will not be too keen to attend. Time and location are also factors that can affect your audience.

3. Create Your Agenda

When you are done with the concept and the audience, start thinking about what will be your event’s agenda. Is it a workshop, an all-day event, a seminar? Who will be your speakers? What will be the topic of the event? What do you want to achieve? When you have finally determined the agenda, you can start looking for the location, partners and sponsors of your event. Here are some free agenda templates.

4. Find the Best Venue

Finding the right venue is really important. It should be a place where close collaboration can happen. How to find the best venue for your event? Bashbot can help. Bashbot is the first space-finding bot that can help you find the right event venue anywhere in the world. They have more than 200 spaces, the widest network, for those looking for event spaces and those that want to share.

5. Speakers, Partners and Sponsors

Speakers — To be able to attract speakers, you need to have a sound event plan. It has to be one that shows passion and inspires people. Additionally, offering them appealing benefits for their attendance such as popularization of their brand works as well. Find the speakers directly in Facebook and message them. May be you have friends in common? Ask tem to introduce you to the speaker.

Partners — It isn’t so hard to find partners for your event. Simply ask for willing companies and people to work with you such as beverage suppliers to provide drinks at your event. Being partners also works for them as it gives them a way to popularize their brand even further. Find their emails, pages in Facebook, in Instagram — you can try to message them directly there.

Sponsors — Think carefully which companies and organizations might consider sponsoring your event. Think as well what benefits sponsorship of the event can offer them. Remember that companies willing to sponsor are interested in the topic and audience of the event when determining if it’s a place where they can promote their brand.

These are the 5 basic steps in organizing an event. The points here are thing you need to consider when planning an event and are the starting point of successfully organizing an event that you, your partners, sponsors, speakers and audience will benefit.

Event planning blog

All about planning ideal event

Efim Kolodkin

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CEO of Bash! Today, investor to Visabot

Event planning blog

All about planning ideal event

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