5 Tendencies in US Event Market

The event planning industry is within the persistent state of advancement and as such, pioneering strategies & concepts. The previous few years have seen the rise and the proliferation of the social media as well as the new technology tools have increased the amount of attention paid to engagement & new market segments, sustainability, eco-friendly and larger demands from the event sponsors. The following are the five current tendencies in the US event market so far:

New Technology and Social Media

Social media is now among the most crucial tools that can be used by marketers and planners for disseminating information regarding events and solicit feedback, to interact with the attendees, and to form a year-round engagement along with the target audience. Aside from that, the newly introduced apps and the emerging technology made it easier for the event & meeting planners to organise the event & lengthen the life of their events and to even measure their ROI.

Building Engagement

Social media might be the most famous tool to use when it comes to engaging customers as soon as possible, yet meeting and event professionals look to add supplementary ways of building interaction, buzz and loyalty from the attendees of their events.

Event Sponsorship

Gone are the days when event hosts and sponsors were contented to bathe the party space in logos then consider their job done. Increasingly original experiential marketing, new as well as increasing digital platforms as well as stiffer competition for the sponsor dollars rose to a perception variety of decision makers at the event tools and brands alike who intend to bring up the returns of the sponsors on the investment and to establish symbiotic partnerships.

Measuring ROI

The impact of the economic downturn stays and the planners and the marketers have become more accountable to high level management for each dollar spent and that makes proving returns on the investment which is also called ROI increasingly important.

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