Building external apps using Event Registry data
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2 min readNov 7, 2016

Data from Event Registry can easily be integrated into other websites or mobile applications. A great example of this is the Media Election website that was built by our friends from New York. Four32c is an interactive design agency in New York. They came with an idea about what they want to show, we provided information about what API calls they need to make to obtain the data and voilà — an interesting website was born. features several pages that examine various aspects of the US presidential election. The site presents such information as:

  • daily trends about reporting on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,
  • current events related to both candidates, and
  • most reported events about both candidates.

The website also features a winner projection tool courtesy of The Huffington Post.

If you have an idea for an interesting website that could be built using our data let us know, and we’ll see how we can help you.



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