Why Conferences Should Have an Expiration Date

Gianfranco Chicco
Sep 15, 2013 · 5 min read

What Does It Mean

This means that when you decide to run a conference with specific goals (or if you are currently running one), you also set a date by which you will cease such event because you consider that by that time its mission should have been achieved or that a stop should be made to reassess the future steps.

Why Have An Expiration Date

Events are a product of their time. The good ones catalyze a particular mood in a group of people, be it in a specific industry, sector society or what not, and offer something that that people find valuable. But as with physical products, events follow cycles and what is novel, interesting, useful, relevant or entertaining today might not be so tomorrow.

Effects of Having an Expiration Date

The effects of having an expiration date would allow you to:

  • Prevent from wasting resources (financial, human resources, etc) on a cause that no longer has a meaningful impact, whatever that used to be.
  • Create time to think, re-focus and plan what comes next without the pressure of the inertia created by a cycle that is no longer relevant (e.i. the next edition).
  • Find new goals and have the freedom to decide what instruments are needed.
  • Prevent the exhaustion of the experience, limited by the formula (format, content, city, etc) used in the past, even if it was a successful one.
  • Keep the memories of past editions high.
  • Avoid decadence: All that rises must come down.
  • Move on, because that’s life.

Change Is The Only Certainty

Surprise, originality and excitement only last for a certain period of time, and the same can be said for impact and relevance. It’s not easy to detach yourself from a successful conference. It takes courage, vision and the understanding that everything in life moves in cycles. People, things and habits are born and die. It might also create uncertainty on what comes next. That’s normal and must be embraced.

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    The Events Collective

    Stories about Why, Where, How we gather — at events, conferences, around a campfire.