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At EventHi, you can find all kind of exciting cannabis-related events and unique experiences. And it is thanks to the hardworking, creative event hosts who put them together. With this spotlight series, we want to introduce you to each of these hosts, learn more about their events and why they do what they do.

Event Host Spotlight Interview

On this event host spotlight, we would like to highlight event host Khara Pechtes of Food Flower Future.

What is Food Flower Future?

Food Flower Future produces events that draw a diverse and eclectic group of people with cannabis at its core. Normalization of cannabis over time will help to change the lives of many for the better and dissolve a once negative stigma by realizing it’s pure healing magic and power. We are stronger together, sharing ideas and passing joints, and lifting each other up within our community; supporting each other’s vision and bringing awareness to the history of this plant. Food Flower Future events cater to women, in an effort to bring women of all ages, nationalities, gender, and various socioeconomic backgrounds together. The focus and goal are to provide a safe space of inclusivity, featuring women-owned and run brands, queer, POC, and those who identify as womxn.

In cannabis and as women, we are coming to the table as equals, the barriers are broken down and we can more easily share the bond and admiration for this female plant that connects us to one another. Carefully curated experiences create a positive outlook on what the future of cannabis should look like, with thought leaders and innovators inspiring us to think beyond ourselves. Through these experiential events, we can envision and shape what the future of cannabis will become, being more aware, more thoughtful, open-minded, and accepted; where quality over quantity matters, where truth is spoken and generosity is felt.

Meet The Host

I started working in the cannabis industry after working several years for large corporations, and more recently for start-up companies, specifically in Advertising & Marketing. Over the years I have been a Project Manager, Account Manager, Producer, overseeing the life cycle of email, marketing, and social campaigns. Maintaining timelines from start to finish, budgets, and managing a team of graphic designers, copywriters, and developers. I loved getting assigned to events and productions, whether it be creative photo shoots or more serious conventions if there was food, music, and art involved, that’s what I really gravitated toward. The transition into cannabis came out of my passion to merge health and wellness and getting back into a space that allowed me to be me. I’m also a Massage Therapist and own Therapeutic Synergy which is focused solely on women. More recently I started teaching yoga and re-incorporating cannabis into my practice and my classes when appropriate.

Education is key, it’s so important to know how to heal ourselves at a time when we’re often overwhelmed by constant stimulation and never-ending work. It’s a simple concept, yet not an easy one it seems, to take 5 minutes to sit back, take a breath, or a toke, and create space and balance — that’s where cannabis helps. We can enjoy our time together while learning about the many health benefits of cannabis in a setting that is sophisticated and fun! Many events that I have attended were lacking in education, among the sea of creams, tinctures, lotions, and potions, yet none of these brands had an actual understanding of the plant, the experience of being on a cannabis farm, or knowing the struggles of cultivation, licenses, and regulation. Where making money and cashing in was the biggest focus, the stories of farmers, activists, and many successful people and brands have risked everything to create something unique, organic, sustainable. These are the leaders who have paved the way for where we are and the industry of cannabis is today, it’s the people who have become healers in their own right when opioid addiction is a very real thing today.

For me, producing cannabis events include the whole package, we can have a great time coming together to learn about the history and science of cannabis in a way that allows us to take our knowledge and spread those seeds to others. Food is an experiential vehicle by which we intend to share this journey, exploring the flavors, textures, terpenes, and aromas as it relates to cannabis and consumption. More people will realize that the normalization of cannabis can change our lives and the lives of others and lessen the negative stigma by realizing its magic and power.

Khara, we are so excited to share more about Food Flower Future. Can you please share with our readers, what made you decide that you wanted to begin hosting cannabis-related events?

My love of health and wellness, combined with plant medicine has guided me on a path that is fun, educational, community-based, and with some of the most passionate people, I’ve met. Cannabis naturally aligns with wellness, including various CBD products I started to incorporate into my massage sessions. (Khara is the owner of Therapeutic Synergy) I believe that education is key, I wanted to help more women feel comfortable in using plant medicine as a natural alternative, as intended by Mother Nature. I feel there is a lot of shame associated with women that feel the need to hide their use of this so-called “drug” when drinking too much wine, or taking pills to relieve pain or encourage sleep has been the norm. There was a lack of understanding regarding the many health benefits of cannabis, but with more research and scientific evidence we know that cannabis can help change lives for the better. It’s a conversation that needs to happen, there’s a spiritual part of cannabis that is sacred and ritualistic that should be honored and respected in order for us to heal and be more open to the community that is supporting our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, and well-being.

There seem to be more questions than answers, while women make up a huge part of the market and they’re consuming more openly so there should be more awareness. Understanding what it means to incorporate cannabis into our daily lives through education, connecting us to our community, identifying with a brand’s story, vision, values, even extending to a brand’s journey of cultivation, sustainability, and quality products are my focus.

How many times a year do you host your event?

I produce 6–8 events per year.

Where are your events hosted?

SoCal: Los Angeles & San Diego NorCal: San Francisco & Emerald Triangle.

Who would you say your events are catered to?

Women of all ages, but specifically cater to ages 35–55yrs old.

What are some of the things you’ve had to learn how to do to put on an event?

Better time management, and asking for help instead of trying to do it all myself and asking for help instead of doing it all myself.

What are some challenges that you as an event host face that you would like to share with our audience, so they have a better idea of challenges event hosts face in the cannabis industry?

The brands I partner with have to match the overall mission, goals, and values that Food Flower Future has and upholds. Strategic partnerships with cannabis company who are involved is important. I’m here to promote what I believe in, which includes an event with clean healthy delicious cuisine, fresh sun-grown flower, and cannabis products that are savvy, sophisticated, educational, and speak to women who are my main demographic.

Since your first event, how has your event evolved?

I have return guests, and more people have reached out to me by email, Instagram, or by phone to see how they can purchase a ticket or Sponsor my next event. The response and buzz of the events I produce have grown.

What has been your favorite moment so far when hosting your event?

I love seeing our guests in deep conversation, laughing, smiling, sharing food and cannabis. Seeing friendships form, conversations evolving, perfect strangers wanting to connect and exchanging information. Sharing their interests, personal stories with cannabis, how they heard about the event, and why they decided to join Food Flower Future for the evening. Each person’s story is different and unique, these conversations spark genuine interest and compassion for who we are and where we came from.

Thank you, Khara, for sharing with our readers more about Food Flower Future.

Tickets for the next event (July 20th, 2019) can be found at https://www.eventhi.io/event/cannabis-infused-sunset-rooftop-dinn-1679

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Create, explore, and experience the exciting new world of cannabis events together.


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Create, explore, and experience the exciting new world of cannabis events together.

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