5 Creative Onboarding Ideas

Sandhya Sundarraj
Nov 5, 2019 · 2 min read

Most people chose to join an organization for a fresh start, to be a part of something that they believe in and because they feel that they can make a difference. Your onboarding process must recognize and capitalize on this.

The onboarding of new hires can either make or break their relationship with the organization. This is a great opportunity for the organization to get to know new hires, help them understand the culture and values of the organization and set expectations.

At Eventjini — India’s leading registration portal for endurance sports, our new and improved onboarding process starts right from the time we make an offer and continues till the new hire is confirmed. We consider the onboarding successful only if new hires completely understand and embrace our vision “ Enabling a Lifestyle of Fitness and understand how exactly they fit into the larger picture.

Here are some ways in which you can liven up the onboarding process:

1. Orchestrate a mid week joining day: A laid back start, where you ease new hires into your organization is a great way to allow them to find their feet. An entire week filled with orientation programs and meetings might be a sensory overload and might actually have a counter effect.

2. Bring on the Swag: A little bit of wooing goes a long way! A welcome gift is a great way to start an exciting journey. Company swag, like a T-shirt or personalized coffee mug is a great way to floor new hires, give them a sense of belonging, as well as getting your brand out there.

3. Set up a Buddy Program: Pairing a “Buddy” with a new hire is a fun way for new hires to forge informal relations right from the start. Important information like “the best lunch joints in the neighbourhood”, “ best informal channels of communication within the organization” will go a long way in making a new hire feel comfortable and a “Buddy” is the perfect go-to person.

4. Make your company handbook impactful: The company handbook is the fount of information for a new hire, in the first few days. It is worth putting in the effort to make this creative and reflective of your organization’s culture.

5. Its party time!: Celebrate the first day for new hires; make them feel a welcome part of the team. A cake cut at lunchtime or a small reception at the end of the day are simple things that go a long way in making for a special first day.

An exciting and informative onboarding makes for new hires that are rearing to go and eager to scale new heights.


Sharing our stories of making digital products at Eventjini

Sandhya Sundarraj

Written by

Director, HR @ eventjini



Sharing our stories of making digital products at Eventjini

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