Program Overview: 7 indicators to keep an eye on

Mila Covali
Dec 2, 2016 · 2 min read

From one edition to the next, the event program overview is an indispensable decision-making tool. Today’s lessons learned become tomorrow’s improvements.

To get a bird’s eye use an up-to-date perspective on the main metrics. Based on it, you can adjust the next actions for a successful event:

Invited speakers

Here are 2 key indicators worth looking at when it comes to invited speakers:

Sent invitations vs. needed. It’s usually a good idea to send around 30% more invites than the number of positive replies you’re aiming for.

Accepted invitations vs. needed. Keep track of confirmations to kick things off, act quickly by sending reminders or new invites if the case.

Additionally, you could measure engagement of speakers who decline to attend, but offer recommendations for other relevant speakers.

Call for Papers

When organizing an event you need to balance conflicting demands: looking for a diverse top-notch line-up, while staying within the budget. To make the right decisions at a glance, keep an eye on the following metrics:


Accepted vs. budgeted. Accept 10 international speakers with one session each or 5 with multiple sessions?

Diversity. Who can make the program attractive when it comes to diversity? (examples of indicators to measure: women accepted vs. men, geographical distribution, etc.)


Accepted vs. needed. How close is the program to reaching the maximum number of sessions?

Reviewed vs. received. Is the organizing team up-to-date on reviewed sessions? Are speakers waiting too long to get feedback?

Reviewed weekly or even daily in the early stages of program creation, the Program Overview brings visibility for everyone involved.


Find it useful? Download your ready-to-use template.

What other key indicators do you measure? Thank you for sharing pointers in the comments or on Twitter at @eventrixco.

Originally published at Eventrix Blog.


A publication for speakers & conference organizers.

Mila Covali

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A publication for speakers & conference organizers.

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