A New Paradigm of Medicine: Ever Medical Technologies brings the Security and Interoperability of Blockchain to Healthcare

Founder and CEO of Ever Medical Technologies, Panusith Chomanan, attends the UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator ceremony as one of the Fall 2019 Berkeley Blockchain Xcerlerator awardees.

Technology in the healthcare sector has long lagged behind other industries, resulting in sub-optimal resource allocation, and by extension inhibiting the range and scale at which healthcare professionals can perform their duties. One of the biggest reasons for this is outdated healthcare technology that leads to inefficiencies in data management. Hospitals heavily rely on a range of legacy systems required to maintain their aging technologies, including document and mail couriers, authorization through stamps and penned signatures, fax machines, and local storage centers. This results in more time being spent on data processing than caring for patients. Additionally, not only does information sharing between different departments and hospitals take an unnecessarily long time, but the information may not be current, complete, or relevant, requiring even more time to be spent obtaining patient data. Yet if new technologies are introduced, it may disrupt existing processes to the point where a substantial amount of time, money, and lives are lost.

Ever Medical Technologies was established with this in mind, striving to create a healthcare ecosystem that utilizes the flexibility of bleeding-edge blockchain technology in a way that will allow the adoption of new systems without disrupting existing processes. The amount of time and training required to leap into the new age of healthcare technology would be minimal and would not only immediately provide a plethora of advantages over current aging systems– such as patient generated health data, data accountability, and enhanced security — but would also lay the groundwork for further innovation and growth for years to come. With over two years of meticulous research and testing, a one-stop-solution has been developed to provide industry-leading solutions at a domestic price level to healthcare institutions worldwide, in hopes of fostering an age of true patient-centric healthcare.

Ever Medical Technologies’ core products include:

Ever Infrastructure

Blockchain technology is at core of Ever Medical Technologies, with Ever Infrastructure being the groundwork upon which all else is built. With the security, customizability, and interoperability that blockchain technology establishes, data collection, sharing, access, and analysis can be done in a secure manner.

Ever Care Suite

With the interoperability of Ever Infrastructure comes the ability to create a whole suite of products that may be extensively customized to fit all your business management needs. From billing systems to ambulatory care and human resources systems, you enjoy a system built from the ground up with state-of-the-art security and readily available modular expansion.

Ever PRM

To aid with patient retention management, Ever PRM provides a secure online communications channel for your patients, enabling them to connect quickly and easily with healthcare professionals. Manage and access patient data, enabling more efficient telemedical and mobile ambulatory care, and more.

Ever Seer

Utilizing the collective data from all over services, EverSeer is a data analytics service, enabling research and innovation at an unprecedented level through AI and machine learning. The upper limits of data collection and processing will continually be challenged, with every decision, regardless of how small, contributing to the advancement and growth of the healthcare industry.

Ever Medical Technologies’ team, Samutprakan hospital director, and Krung Thai Bank are celebrating the launching of Samutprakan smart hospital.

Utilizing the Linux Foundation’s modular Hyperledger Fabric as the basis for Ever Medical Technology’s blockchain systems allows for the provision of a unique consensus mechanism that results in a jointly governed network. Applying a RSA asymmetric encryption on top results in a system that is more trustworthy and accurate, as malicious activities by bad actors are blocked. As a private blockchain, Ever Medical Technologies is primed to be highly scalable, secure, and much more efficient than traditional systems.

Since 2017, Samutprakan hospital agreed to pilot Ever’s Blockchain Health Information Exchange (HIE) system, helping to identify user insights and healthcare operations in Thailand. Though only fully launched in late 2019, we are now quickly expanding to other provinces because of high demand for a secured paperless system following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

To further supplement our work toward more efficient data governance in the field of medical technology, Ever Medical Technologies has created systems to enhance the field of epidemiology in Thailand. Already live in Samutprakan Hospital, Ever uses federated big data and AI Machine Learning in the “Patient Risk Stratification Algorithm & Surveillance System ‘’ to predict patient needs as medical trends are observed, and to warn and alert hospitals of possible future outbreaks. Whether pandemics, epidemics, or even surges during flu season medical institutions will receive the forewarning necessary to best facilitate a surge in potential patients.

Currently, confirmed cases of COVID-19 are being used to fine tune our surveillance system to help over 10 hospitals and 14 million people across the nation with identifying further cases. By providing us with patient data in our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protected channels, our AI-trained system can detect which patients may be afflicted by COVID-19, enabling hospitals to act swiftly and responsibly. With even further research and optimization, shortcomings like those during the COVID-19 pandemic can be fully mitigated, alleviating stress on healthcare workers, optimizing the efficiency of patient care, and will ultimately allow for large institutions such as the CDC to better allocate their resources and more quickly find vaccines.

In addition, we are integrating the power of genomics and precision medicine into the EVER platform so this data can be combined with the information in the overall health records of individual patients. Building an unified digital healthcare system would allow for the aggregation and analysis of a broad range of information at the individual, community, state, national levels, using private and secure channels to de-silo data across a multi-dimensional healthcare space.

Dr. Amandeep Singh Gill visits Samutprakan Hospital to preview Ever Medical Technologies’ blockchain-based health information exchange system.

After visiting Samutprakan Hospital to observe our Blockchain HIE system, Dr. Amandeep Gill Sign, chairman of the International Digital Health & AI Research Collaborative (UN-IDAIR) and co-chairman of the UN-Digital Cooperation with Jack Ma and Melinda Gates, invited Ever Medical Technologies to join the UN-IDAIR’s pathfinder project, whose goal is to build a neutral and trusted platform that allows different constituencies — governments, international organizations, foundations, academic and research institutions, the private sector and civil societies — to unite in their passions and efforts toward providing quality, universal health coverage. Officially named the Digital Health & AI Research Collaborative (or I-DAIR), Ever Medical Technologies is proud to be assigned to 3 out of 10 of the pathfinder project categories, being “Innovations in Health Systems”, “Data Architectures and Data Interoperability”, and “Data Engineering and Software Design for Governance of Digital Healthcare Solutions”. (“Click Here” for more information)


Ever Medical Network

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