Evercity announces partnership with Thetta DAO framework at DevCon4

Nov 26, 2018 · 1 min read
Alexander Gryaznov, Evercity CTO and Anton Akentiev, Thetta CEO & Co-founder after signing agreement at DevCon (Prague)

Evercity is happy to announce partnership with an open-source DAO framework Thetta.io. The collaboration is aimed at fostering the emergence of Decentralized autonomous organizations, which Evercity believes to be a key component of truly smart sustainable cities.

Thetta and Evercity will cooperate on the research and implementation of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) models and principles. Among outlined mutual goals, set by both parties, is the creation of efficient decentralized expert community and promotion of DAO values throughout media channels.

Thetta provides use out-of-the-box modules to build a dream DAO — an organization that is controlled by smart contracts. Decentralized organizations are more fault tolerant, more resistant to attacks and collusion.

Evercity is a venture ecosystem, searching, accelerating, financing and implementing innovative Russian solutions for smart and sustainable cities (blockchain, AI, IoT, cleantech and other related technologies) in Asia and Asia-Pacific countries. Evercity collaborates with leading venture funds in Singapore, China, Japan and Korea, and acts as a partner of United Nations U4SSC initiative (“United for Smart Sustainable Cities”).

Evercity Blog

Smart city accelerator and venture crypto fund…

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