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On 20th September first Singapore Security Token Meet-up brought together 50 financial industry professionals at the Life.SREDA VC office on the second day of Consensus Singapore. The meet up became a starting point of Asian STO community that aims at sharing latest insights and investment opportunities in the growing $10 trillion industry. The event was organized by Evercity venture ecosystem.

Tokenization of capital markets is one of the most trending financial topics globally as it brings an opportunity to increase the efficiency of traditional financial instruments and remove barriers for attracting investment while ensuring investor rights protection. Recently, NASDAQ stock exchange, blockchain tech firm Anquan and consulting giant Deloitte partnered up with with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to create a platform for selling tokenized assets, including tokenized digital currencies and security tokens.

Security token enthusiasts, legal & bank representatives, investors and other meet up participants discussed main regulatory and infrastructure trends, competitive market analysis and particular cases with Maxim Avdeev (qiwi.platform), Jeremy Berger (Arival bank), Olga Duka (Zeus.Exchange). Brian Brackeen of Kairos project shared his experience of successfully carrying out the first STO in the United States. Alexey Shadrin of Evercity presented how security tokenization is changing the venture capital market on the example of Evercity Security Token Accelerator that is now closing its private investment round.

Jeremy Berger, Life.SREDA VC Portfolio Director, COO Arival bank:

«Security Token Meet up provided a valuable outlook on the advantages of this rapidly developing market and the position we expect it to take within financial markets. As a bank, Arival is eager to work with SMEs who are involved in STOs and excited to progress in the realm of financial innovation together».

Security Token Club will continue developing in Asia and around the world, creating a network of regional communities with local partners. The clubs goal is to share market insights, investment opportunities and valuable connections in the rapidly emerging Security Token space.

The next meetups will take place in Japan, South Korea and UAE.

Security Token Club already successfully functions in Russia with over 200 members. A Japanese community has been launched recently. Local partners are welcome to express interest.

Join Security Token Club:

International: https://t.me/stoaccelerator

Japanese: https://t.me/STOclub_JP

Russian: https://t.me/stoclub

Security Token Club is organized by Evercity venture Ecosystem that selects, finances and deploys best solutions in the field of smart sustainable cities.

For this purpose, Evercity works with city officials, VC funds and international organizations supporting UN standards and SDGs.

Security Token Accelerator is an end-to-end asset tokenization platform aimed at helping best smart city innovations find investment by tokenizing equity or debt while protecting the investors rights.

More info at: xvyazem@evercity.io

Other publications by Evercity:

Evercity Blog

Smart city accelerator and venture crypto fund http://t.me/evercity


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Evercity Blog

Smart city accelerator and venture crypto fund http://t.me/evercity

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