STO Weekly Review by Evercity 7–13.01.2019

Jan 15 · 1 min read


💰Cadence, an investment platform for digital debt securities, has issued its first tokenized fixed income security. The debt product is in partnership with a marketplace lender extending working capital to e-commerce merchants.

🖼Swarm fund reached soft cap for security token offering of The Art Token at $16 million raised.

📝Security token trading platform tZERO won a patent for a “Crypto Integration Platform”, described as having the capability to merge legacy trading systems with digital asset technology.

➡️SharesPost, the registered BD, ATS, and RIA, has executed its first secondary transaction of security tokens. The tokens, which run on top of Ethereum, represent shares in the Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund (BCAP).


🇪🇺The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published its Advice to the European Union (EU) Institutions — Commission, Council and Parliament — on initial coin offerings and crypto-assets. The Advice clarifies the existing EU rules applicable to crypto-assets that qualify as financial instruments, and provides ESMA’s position on any gaps and issues in the current EU financial regulatory framework for consideration by EU policymakers.

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