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“Funslingers” Devblog #20 | Getting the “Old Film” Look with Post-Processing in Unity

Hey Devs!

Post-Processing is a fast an easy way for us to adjust the overall look of our game just like how we want it! For our western shooter, I want to create an old film look for our game.

So I’m gonna start by adding a Vignette so our game looks like we’re watching a film!

I can already see our game looking much more like a western film! Let’s keep going!

Next, we can do some simple color-grading to really give our game the vintage western look I’m going for!

Next, to really make our lighter tones pop, I added some Bloom to give our scene a certain glow to it!

This is looking great so far! But what’s a film look without some Film Grain?

We were able to accomplish all of this using only the Post-Process Effects in Unity! I think we can say that our game looks the part, but how about sound? In the next devblog, we are gonna start giving our game a voice!




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