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Buy in ETH, Mint on Polygon

We're excited to showcase a new example of cross-chain tech: you can now buy an Everdragons2 Genesis NFT on Ethereum and mint it on Polygon!

How does it work?

Make sure you have Metamask and it's on the Ethereum network.

  1. Go to app.everdragons2.com and connect your wallet
  2. Select how many tokens you want, note that your estimated cost is in ETH
  3. Click "Buy now!", sign the transaction. Notice the very low gas fees ;)

That's it. You paid in ETH, you'll receive your Everdragons2 on Polygon.

You can see the lower gas cost, also paying with ETH.

Tech details, please.

If you're new to the Everdragons2, it's worth knowing that they are an example of cross-chain NFT. They inherit the legacy of the Everdragons, the first cross-chain NFT minted in 2018, and we're now using Wormhole for an even better, more decentralized experience.

Cross-chain NFT means that you can fly your Everdragons2 across blockchains. We decided to mint on Polygon for its low gas fees and because it's supported by OpenSea. We noticed, however, that many people had issues getting MATIC, the native token on Polygon, that's needed to sign transactions on Polygon and therefore to mint NFTs.

So we decided to build a new cross-chain application. A relayer that accepts payments in ETH and — upon verifying the transaction — mint the NFT on Polygon.

Have a look at our relayer at app.everdragons2.com, pay in ETH, and mint on Polygon. And if you’d like to contribute the best way to reach out is by joining our discord.

👏 Help us spread the word by clapping and sharing this post… it’s time for the Everdragons2 to fly!

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Everdragons2 is is a collection of 10,001 dragons. In the marvelous upcoming Origins, the play-to-earn game of the Everdragons Metaverse, holders of Everdragons2 will get a Loot Box containing Obsidian (the Origins token), Settlement Plans, and Genesis Units based on rarity.

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Emanuele Cesena

Emanuele Cesena

Forging the Everdragons2 NFT. Former security at Pinterest.

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