Everdragons2 Sale #1: Governance Tokens

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4 min readFeb 9, 2022
Everdragons2 Eggs

It’s time! On Fri Feb 11 at 10am PT we will open the sale of the remaining Everdragons2 non-fungible tokens (NFT), aka the Governance Tokens.

First and foremost, BEWARE OF SCAMS. Do not click on any link except the ones we publish in our official Discord channel. The sale will happen on https://everdragons2.com — easy and simple. No weird domains, no weird links, no emails or direct messages from us. Direct message = scammer, not matter how official it may look.


  • The sale will start on Fri Feb 11 at 10am PT: https://everdragons2.com
  • We'll sell 250 Governance Genesis Tokens left at 100 MATIC each
  • You’ll need Metamask with enough MATIC on the Polygon network to make your purchase
  • Winners of prize tokens (dragon eggs) do not have to worry; their eggs are reserved, and they will claim them after this sale

250 Governance Tokens For Sale

Everdragons2 is a collection of 10,001 dragons NFTs.

Out of the 10,001, the first 600 NFT to be released are Governance Tokens, i.e. owners of these tokens will have governance rights in future decisions around the Everdragons2 community and project.

The initial community that formed around the Everdragons2 project already owns 350 Governance Tokens (that they'll claim after this sale), and we're going to release 250 Governance Tokens for sale.

These Governance Tokens share the same traits as all other Everdragons, in fact, they are a random subset of the 10,001. They're clearly distinguishable by the Governance Aura (background). Moreover, in OpenSea they'll appear as a distinct collection, to make it clear that they are special Everdragons2, keep the floor price distinct, etc.

Everdragons2 Governance Token (example)

In summary:

  1. There are 600 Governance Tokens, 350 already assigned, 250 up for sale — out of a total 10,001 Everdragons2.
  2. All Everdragons2 & Governance Tokens are randomly generated from hundreds of assets and have rarity attributes that make them unique.
  3. All Everdragons2 & Governance Tokens are cross-chain. After minting them on Polygon you'll have the ability to bridge them to Ethereum for increased security or to Binance Smart Chain and other chains to play games or participate in other DeFi activities, as these become available.
  4. Only the Governance Tokens will give you the right to actively participate in the Everdragons2 community, make critical project decisions, join exclusive meetings, giveaways, etc.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Install Metamask

First things first, install Metamask in order to receive and store tokens, NFTs, etc.

2. Add Polygon to Metamask

Connect to the Everdragons2 app.
It will detect the network to which you are connected and will allow you to switch/configure Polygon PoS in one click 😃

3. Buy MATIC and Send Them to Metamask

You can buy MATIC on many exchanges. We recommend Binance, Gate.io or KuCoin as we know (from our community — big thanks!) that you can withdraw directly into Metamask on Polygon Mainnet, paying negligible fees.

How much MATIC? You need 100 MATIC per NFT, plus a few cents for gas fee.

Beware that other exchanges like Coinbase let you buy MATIC only on the Ethereum network. If you have these, you have to bridge them to the Polygon network (and you need a bit of ETH as well, to pay the transaction fees).

Whatever path you choose, make sure you can see a positive balance in your Metamask wallet on Polygon Mainnet (see top right).

Wallet on Polygon Mainnet, showing 101 MATIC and 0.502 WETH (and other random stuff)
Wallet on Polygon Mainnet, showing 101 MATIC and 0.502 WETH (and other random stuff)

4. Get Your NFT

When the sale starts, head to https://everdragons2.com and follow the link to the app to mint your tokens.

5. Free Tokens

If you won a token: 1) you can of course buy another NFT, 2) you'll claim your free NFT after the sale (details will follow).

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Feb 13 UPDATE: The users that have bought the token at a price of 500 MATIC in the previous batch, will receive 4 additional eggs for each egg they have minted.

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