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Dear EverdreamSoft Community, we are very thrilled to finally present you our 2022 roadmap. A lot of things have happened since the beginning of the year. The team has grown significantly to be able to carry out all the very exciting projects that are coming up. We can’t tell you the details right now, but a huge and totally new project will be announced in the coming months, but here is what we can share for now… you can expect this project to revolutionize the tokenized asset market!!! This project won’t be linked to any current projects that we have so far.

Let’s have a look at what happened and what is next for 2022!


ORB EXPLORER — Migration

Our developers released the Migration of Orb Explorer in order to give the platform a more modern and good looking React framework. This migration allows us to release features more often and quickly from now on. Many updates are planned by the end of the year!


In the perspective of expanding the universe of Spells of Genesis, EverdreamSoft has taken its first step into the Metaverse by buying its first Estate (6x6 plot of land) on TheSandBox map. With this Estate, we will create different immersive experiences for our community.

In collaboration with the talents of the Nabiya studio which offers a high level of creativity and quality of work, EverdreamSoft participated in the Premium Landsale on TheSandBox on February 10th. Each LAND buyer around the EDS Estate, received an NFT of our iconic and exclusive BearWhale, inspired by the legendary Bitcoin trader who in 2014 was depressing the crypto market with his massive account.


Q2 was and will be hectic !


We kicked off Q2 with the 5th anniversary of Spells of Genesis.

NFT History Museum

The first celebratory event involved the opening of our NFT History Museum on CryptoVoxels on April 7th. This museum features vintage SoG cards and various top industry-renowned NFT collections. Moreover, a new card from the SoG 2017 collection is showcased every month on the museum rooftop where you can find a special discount on this specific card.

NFT Drop

One week later on April 13th, EverdreamSoft did an NFT drop on TheSandBox. Still in collaboration with Nabiya Studio, we created a series of 14 voxelized NFTs including 8 iconic characters from SoG such as Satoshi the Creator of Blockchain and Sir of the Ether.

Sir of the Ether / Satoshi the Creator of Blockchain / Doge

Spells of Genesis Showroom

We will officially announce it in the coming weeks, but to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Spells of Genesis, we have just created with Nabiya Studio a Showroom completely dedicated to Spells of Genesis. More details will follow soon.

Social Hub

To conclude the Metaverse experiences of Q2, EverdreamSoft will launch in June a Social Hub on one of its TheSandBox’s land. This hub will be a nod to the heroic world of Spells of Genesis. Once you enter the Askian door, you’ll discover your favorite SoG characters brought to life. It will be a multiplayer hub and you’ll have to complete 2 challenging quests.

Spells of Genesis’ new community on PlayerState

On April 8th, Spells of Genesis created a community on PlayerState and announced its first challenge brief. For this first challenge, the community was invited to design a new SoG in-game card illustration along with a title and very short descriptive text of the card’s history. Rewards were announced for the top 3 submissions (NFT, BCY, and Gems depending on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes).

This new collaboration will allow the SoG community to create creative content and earn rewards during the year. More challenges will be announced soon, we invite you to join our Discord channel for more information.

Technical Part

On a more technical level, our developer team is working on many improvements for the game and the user experience such as aesthetic improvements and an upgrade in the account management.


After several months of work, we announced at the beginning of April the great return of the Withdrawal function on Orb Explorer. From now on, the card owners can withdraw their SoG cards on Counterparty or Ethereum depending on their choice or need while paying the gas fees in BitCrystals. New BCY (XCP) packages have been added to the store. You can also buy BCY (ETH) on Uniswap with the following BitCrystals contract : 0xAdbBB02E20C44779e87F7eA90C47c9A7a8A93fee

Our team is now working on a new design interface, on UI and UX improvements, on the integration of the Binance Smart Chain and the team is planning to add more collections on BSC and already integrated chains.

Q3 & Q4


The main focus of our team for Q3 et Q4 will be on the extension of the new SoG map. YES, you read well, your favorite game will finally have a new map and experience to offer you. You’ll even have the possibility to switch from one map to the other (multi-mapping). The new map and the new illustrations will be absolutely stunning. We don’t want to spoil too much of the surprise … but for the wait, here is a first visual of one of the new characters. Isn’t he awesome ? Let us know what you think!

In addition to the new map, the developers will work on decorative elements and on a level creator.


From Q3 to the end of the year, the main objectives for Orb Explorer will be to add new blockchains to the platform (Solana, Kusama, Binance), improve the UI/UX, add new features, add the possibility to add new collection via our CS Account, add transaction details view etc.


Throughout the year, we will continue our Metaverse adventure by organizing events and contests in our existing experiences, but we will also create new experiences on different Metaverses.

Finally, an exclusive SoG experience should see the light of day by the end of the year on our TheSandBox Estate. Stay tuned to know more details!

We consider ourselves lucky to have a community like you and we work very hard to deliver you the best projects and features on the market. We hope this roadmap makes you as happy as we are.

Your EDS Team.



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