BOOUUSEGG: The Mysterious Token

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3 min readFeb 28, 2023


Have you ever heard about the mysterious BOOUUSEGG token?

It’s quite an exciting story as it is among the first NFTs minted back in 2015–05–28 on Counterparty, one of the earliest Bitcoin blockchain layers. 8 years ago, EverdreamSoft was doing some research and tests regarding the implementation of blockchain in their first mobile game named Moonga and decided to integrate the BOOUUSEGG into the game.

Not only did the BOOUUSEGG become one of the first NFT in the gaming industry, but it also became the first user-generated NFT to be part of a game. Indeed, one of the most active players was sharing his dream to create an illustration for Moonga and Shaban, EverdreamSoft’s CEO, encouraged this initiative and thought it was an opportunity to put Boouus’s artwork on-chain.

@Sketch Evolutions by the artist Boouus & the final BOOUUSEGG card integrated in the game

Shaban has always seen the added value of user-generated content (UGC) and considered it the future of blockchain and gaming. We can proudly say that UGC has always been in EverdreamSoft DNA and we have always empowered the fact to build a sense of community among users and create a space for people to connect and share their ideas and talents. The BOOUUSEGG collaboration was the first of many others.

EverdreamSoft minted 20 tokens of the BOOUUSEGG, sent 19 to Boouus and kept 1. Like 99.9% of people at this time, he was unfortunately not very receptive to the benefit of the technology, and despite the many warnings, he lost his passphrase. So today, 19 of the BOOUUSEGG tokens are allegedly lost in the blockchain universe and a very unique one is still on the market.

As Shaban once said “Boouus was one of the most engaged fans and a friend of mine. This reminds me of him and my early game-producing era. It’s also a witness of the transition from two of my Era. The pre-blockchain and post. Unfortunately, this loss shows how the first community didn’t really embrace the idea of NFTs. The fact that he lost his 19 BOOUUSEGG and I kept mine shows how the community split as I couldn’t convince traditional gamers of the benefit of owning their cards. This makes me sad and nostalgic about them and, at the same time, happy to have found a new community that understood where I was going.”

So now, knowing that there is only BOOUSEGG left, is this the start of an egg hunt? The only thing that we can say is that since recently, we are no longer the egg owner as it was sold to @TokenAngels for a six figure amount. TokenAngels is a famous vintage NFT collector who has always been interested in innovative projects like Moonga & Spells of Genesis.


Moonga was an online trading card game (TCG) launched in 2010. The game was an early example of a mobile Collectible Card Game (CCG) in the style of established games like Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering. Based on 5 cards, 4 Attack Spell and 1 Support Spell, the mechanics of this game were straightforward but required creative strategies to conquer the opponent’s cards. The game did especially well in Japan, where for a while it was one of the top 10 games on iOS.

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is the 1st blockchain-based mobile game ever made. It was launched back in 2015. SoG combines Trading Card Game (TCG) functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games. Players have to collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck in order to fight their enemies.

Collect, trade and combine orbs to build the strongest team and challenge various opponents while exploring the fantasy realm of Askian. Use blockchain collectibles you have in your wallet, or buy in-game cards and “blockchainize” them later.