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Dear ChainChronicles Enthusiasts,

As we continue our journey into 2024, we want to remind you of the vibrant world that awaits in Season 2 of ChainChronicles. Launched last month, this season has already begun to unfold new thrilling adventures, captivating stories, and unforgettable characters, enriching your experience with every moment.

In celebration of new beginnings and the vibrant energy that the new year brings, we’ve refreshed our look with the Pantone Color of the Year — Peach Fuzz. Dive into Season 2 with our January 2024 package, featuring exclusive content that harmonizes with our new theme of Peach Fuzz.


Les chevaliers du jour et de la nuit

Artwork Story: On the twelfth day of what would be called the twenty-seventh month, in the year 1227, at precisely twelve o’clock and twenty-seven minutes, the knights of day and night appeared near Fish Lake. They engaged in a fierce battle, a contest that legend says continues to this day, to determine who would emerge as the superior warrior between day and night. The Knight of the Day dons armor in black and red. It is rumored that he has been spotted on several occasions along the shores of the lake, engaging in enigmatic rituals known as ‘gonzific.’ The Knight of the Night, in contrast, wears black and green and is said to perform ‘gonziferous’ rituals at dusk. His motto questions, ‘Have you flown your flag?

Artist: Daniel Guedes Almeida is an illustrator based in Geneva, where he lives and works. He pursued his education at HEAD, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication in 2020. Even during his school years, Daniel was more inclined to express himself through drawing in his notebooks rather than focusing on the lectures, a passion for illustration that has stayed with him from his youth. As a teenager, he dabbled in graffiti, immersing himself in a discipline that introduced him to the hip-hop movement, which has significantly influenced his life and work. Daniel’s artistic identity has been shaped, in part, by his passion for music, especially rap. When creating his illustrations, he draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including music, cinema, and popular culture at large.


SOGMUSHEGIAN is a tribute to an extraordinary visionary, Nikolai Mushegian.

Nikolai was a pioneering entrepreneur and a fervent technology enthusiast, best known as one of the co-founders of the groundbreaking MakerDAO (MKR) project and the force behind the DAI stablecoin. His untimely passing in 2022 under mysterious circumstances in Puerto Rico was a great loss to the tech world. He was only 29.

SOGMUSHEGIAN is an allegorical representation of his spirit and legacy in the world of digital innovation. It’s not just a card — it’s a homage to a brilliant mind that helped shape the future.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside each January package!

ESSENTIAL PACK: The best introductory pack!

The Essential Pack is the perfect choice for those seeking an entry point into the mesmerizing world of ChainChronicles. This pack contains:

▶️ 1 x Exclusive Artwork «Les chevaliers du jour et de la nuit»
▶️ 1 x New SoG Card «SOGMUSHEGIAN»
▶️ 1 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 12 BCYM (Klaytn)
💎 300 In-Game Gems
💰10 000 In-Game Gold

CURATOR PACK: The best option for seasoned collectors!

For those who crave an enhanced experience and a deeper connection to the narrative. Feast your eyes on the following treasures:

▶️ 3 x Exclusive Artwork «Les chevaliers du jour et de la nuit»
▶️ 3 x New SoG Card «SOGMUSHEGIAN»
▶️ 1 x FWCFCHEAVENC (Vintage — 2016)
▶️ 1 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM
💎 500 In-Game Gems
💰 15 000 In-Game Gold

OG’S PACK: The premium package for OG’s collectors that wish to maximize the value of their subscription!

For the connoisseurs of the blockchain realm, the OG’s pack delivers the epitome of exclusivity. Brace yourself for an extraordinary collection of treasures that will leave you in awe:

▶️ 10 x Exclusive Artwork «Les chevaliers du jour et de la nuit»
▶️ 10 x New SoG Card «SOGMUSHEGIAN»
▶️ 1 x FWSDLTHEDRUC (Vintage — 2016)
▶️ 1 x EMERALDETHER (Vintage — 2016)
▶️ 2 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM (ETH)
💎 800 In-Game Gems
💰 20 000 In-Game Gold


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