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3 min readOct 9, 2023


Greetings ChainChronicles Subscribers!

It’s time for an exciting reveal in your First Oasis wallet! As always, our mission is to bring you unique digital collectibles, each with their own distinct tales and strategic powers to enhance your ChainChronicles experience.

September’s Spotlight Features:


Commemorating a Pivotal Moment in Crypto History Introducing the SOGETHMERGE card, a tribute to the transformative Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. This wasn’t just an update; it was a monumental shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake consensus, remarkably reducing its energy consumption by approximately 99.95%. This card does not just represent a piece of digital art; it commemorates a landmark event that significantly shaped the crypto landscape.


Celebrating Collective Artistry of «Le Crabe et la Mecano», we bring you the MetaMéandre card, a visual journey into the world crafted by the dynamic duo, Tina & Mara. Since 2014, this Switzerland-based artistic pair has been creating cohesive artworks that reflect the sublime harmony of their united efforts. They are working together with a common goal: to create with four hands without it being possible to distinguish one from the other. Their creations tell stories through meticulous representations of interconnected humanity, realized with detailed brushwork and black ink.

With each new month, ChainChronicles promises to navigate you through eclectic worlds where technology and art converge, crafting potent experiences and stories within each card.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside each September package!

ESSENTIAL PACK: The best introductory pack!

The Essential Pack is the perfect choice for those seeking an entry point into the mesmerizing world of ChainChronicles. This pack contains:

▶️ 1 X Exclusive Artwork «Metaméandre»
▶️ 1 X New SoG Card «SOGETHMERGE»
▶️ 1 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 12 BCYM (Klaytn)
💎 300 In-Game Gems
💰10 000 In-Game Gold

CURATOR PACK: The best option for seasoned collectors!

For those who crave an enhanced experience and a deeper connection to the narrative. Feast your eyes on the following treasures:

▶️ 3 X Exclusive Artwork «Metaméandre»
▶️ 3 X New SoG Card «SOGETHMERGE»
▶️ 1 X FWSDLONISTRC (vintage NFT — 2016)
▶️ 1 X SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM
💎 500 In-Game Gems
💰15 000 In-Game Gold

OG’S PACK: The premium package for OG’s collectors that wish to maximize the value of their subscription!

For the connoisseurs of the blockchain realm, the OG’s pack delivers the epitome of exclusivity. Brace yourself for an extraordinary collection of treasures that will leave you in awe:

▶️ 10 X Exclusive Artwork «Metaméandre»
▶️ 10 X New SoG Card «SOGETHMERGE»
▶️ 1 X FWSDLMERCURC (Vintage NFT — 2016)
▶️ 1 X BCYDRAGON (Vintage NFT — 2015)
▶️ 2 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM (ETH)
💎 800 In-Game Gems
💰 20 000 In-Game Gold

If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe now! 👉 then sit back, relax and enjoy your new collectibles!

P.S Be sure to be subscribed before the 22nd of October to receive the October package! If you subscribe after the 21st, you’ll receive the November one.

🎁Please note that all packages will be sent the last week of each month. 🎁