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EverdreamSoft 2021 Achievements


2021 has been a very good year for EverdreamSoft and we would like to thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm towards our different projects. Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to develop more and more very exciting tools and projects in 2022 and we are looking forward to presenting them to you. But first, let’s have an overview of our 2021 achievements.

Spell of Genesis

First of all, we did a server migration in order to improve the performance and we kept working on the withdrawal feature. As a reminder, the withdrawal feature will allow you to withdraw your SoG cards on the chains of your choice between Counterparty, Ethereum and Klaytn. You’ll be able to pay the transaction fees with BitCrystals.

One of the biggest 2021 highlights of Spell of Genesis was the excitement around NFTs that occurs at the end of the summer. This craze has led to an explosion of demands regarding the historical SoG NFT cards, especially the ones from 2015. We welcomed a lot of new players and we were very happy to see that many old ones came back. The leaderboard rewards had a lot of success among the players. As a matter of fact, 480 blockchain cards were distributed for the leaderboard in 2021, i.e 40 per month.

This huge demand allowed us to free up a budget at the end of the year to hire 2 new partners for the development and improvement of Spell of Genesis in 2022 as well as for the creation of very exciting content.


NFT Strategy for Kusama

EverdreamSoft is now collaborating on the NFT Strategy for Kusama Network by developing PolkadotAssetJS, recently renamed as “CS Canonizer ‘’. CS Canonizer is a library making an abstraction of the NFT structure in order to allow management of completely different pallets — Kusama Network modules — and NFT standards while keeping a consistent workflow.

In January, we made a huge progress towards the 1st milestone, mostly by building a robust architecture allowing us to connect the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem to our CrystalSuite product line.

As we had to implement the specific process of Kusama blockchain for the NFTs, we’ve decided to create a scanner of this blockchain in order to get all the interactions on NFTs. This blockchain uses a unique process to create NFTs, so we also created a balance builder.

On Kusama you can’t properly create an NFT as you just create a transaction with a string and then the scanner must interpret this string and deduce that you are creating, sending, receiving, listing or buying your NFT. Moreover, you can’t just send a request and have the balance of one address, you must have all the blockchain’s history and calculate what is remaining on the address.

Knowing this information, we created the scanner of the blockchain, a library (Canonizer) for sending the blockchain data to CsCannon (our main library), a Balance Builder for displaying what exactly you have on your address, a listing and matching system and a website for displaying all of that information.

Kusama Gallery

As you might know, we have slightly changed the Kusama Gallery user interface in March to better respect the Kusama black & pink color code.

Polkadot Asset Creator

After the delivery of the 1st milestone, we began to work on an asset creator for the Polkadot ecosystem (2nd and 3rd milestones, merged together).

You can connect to the asset creator with your Polkadot/Kusama personal wallet using the official Polkadot{.js} browser extension.

The asset creator allows to mint and send new NFTs using the new RMRK 1.0 standard on Kusama.

The beta version of the asset creator is available on the Kusama Gallery website for Kusama mainnet and Westend testnet. https://ksmgallery.crystalsuite.com/mainUI/index.html

NFT News

EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection

Crystal Collection — info

Our Crystal Collection is a unique NFT collection of original artwork “prints” charged with a significant historical value. In this collection, EverdreamSoft retraces some of the most important events and projects from the blockchain history, using original artworks initially created to be part of the first blockchain tradable cards in SoG.

Each artwork is minted in a limited number of “prints” (1 to 15), each numbered print is attached to an NFT. One print of each artwork having more than one print in total is to be offered — as a gift or reward!

The artworks are minted on different blockchains.

Crystal Suite NFT Store

The original NFTs we’ve been issuing since 2015 regained a great interest this summer. Totally overwhelmed by all the demands, we opened our brand new NFT Store in September.


Polkadot Decoded

The Biggest Polkadot Event!

Shaban Shaame, our CEO, attended Polkadot Decoded, one of the biggest blockchain — and definitely the biggest one in Polkadot ecosystem — events this year!

He talked about “Creating & Managing NFTs on Multiple Substrate Pallets” and led the ensuing workshop about this topic.


CGC : You can also watch Shaban in the following links :



Casa Tookan

Regarding Casa Tookan, we had a problem with the last API used, Indiesquare, as this API was really unstable and caused a lot of problems for the users.

So, we have decided to recreate the API, based on many different other APIs with backups and with the CsCannon data. We started from scratch and have to develop all the logic (specifically for UTXOs and BTC/XCP historic) and implement it.

So now we have a Casa Tookan stable API with different data sources, a buffer system and with CsCannon partially implemented. The requests can be long as we are often updating the users’ data in the buffer from APIs.

We are now at Version 1.1.74 on android and 1.1.69 on iOS, please do not forget to update your app!

Orb Explorer

We started working on Orb Explorer UI (user interface) improvements and designing and prototyping new exciting features.

Just before starting to implement new exciting features, we decided to migrate the Orb Explorer project to a new framework — React — which is the state of the art framework most used these days by developers, especially in the blockchain sphere.


At the end of each month, the equivalent of 50% of the cards and in-game sales income in BCY is burnt and EverdreamSoft publishes a detailed report. The burn addresses we use are: 1BURNSogXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXW3ny2Y for the BTC blockchain and 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead for the ETH blockchain.

In August 2021, the incredible excitement for vintage NFTs led us to record the highest amount of BitCrystals (BCY) ever burnt : nearly one million BCY ! It was amazing !

You can find all the BitCrystals Burn Reports on the Crystal Suite website.

Once again we would like to thank you for this amazing year. We are very grateful to count you among our team.

Stay tuned for our very exciting 2022 road map !



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