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EverdreamSoft’s new collaboration with Philippe Cramer

EverdreamSoft is very happy to announce its first collaboration with Philippe Cramer, a famous artist, creator, gallery owner and designer from Geneva, Switzerland.

The “Apotropaic Amulets” NFTs collection

The “Apotropaic Amulets” are Philippe Cramer’s first digital art secured as NFT’s. They are created as a series of 6 artworks in .gif format each minted by EverdreamSoft on the Polygon network in an edition of 28 and numbered.

The “Apotropaic Amulets” have for symbolic purpose to avert the Evil Eye and bring goodness to you. Have these beneficial presences guard over you by keeping them on your computer, your phone, or placing them on a wall of your house in the metaverse.

Swap & Burn

For those who wish, you will have the possibility to “Swap&Burn” your NFT during a limited time frame. This means that until March 1st 2023 you will have the option to swap the NFT you purchased for a IRL (In Real Life) sculpture inspired by it.

In the event you choose to keep the NFT and do not proceed with the swap, this very NFT will serve as a special access key to enter a private digital art space.

The Cramerverse

Alongside the NFT collection, Philippe Cramer just unveiled his digital studio and art gallery in the metaverse called The Cramerverse.

The Cramerverse is a virtual art space in which you will have the opportunity to discover a selection of Philippe’s new artworks and participate in creative experiences with him and his team, from the comfort of your own home!

For The Cramerverse, Philippe has created digital twins of his existing work as well as new virtual works of art, available for order as real world pieces.

Collectors will therefore have the possibility to have both the digital version for use in their own metaverse space and the physical version in their real-world house.

“Apotropaic Amulets” NFT holders

Coming soon, Philippe’s “Apotropaic Amulets” NFT holders will have access to a second and private NFT collectors-only space in which they will be able to interact with Philippe’s avatar and participate in some of the creative experiences he is developing.

NFT holders will also have first choice to acquire new work before it is unveiled to the public.

This first amazing NFT series is now available for purchase for a limited time on Philippe Cramer personal marketplace 👉 https://philippecramer.com/philippe-cramer-digital/



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