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LIVE: Spells of Genesis 2nd NFTs drop on TheSandBox!

Guess what? To celebrate the launch of its social hub on The Sandbox, Spells of Genesis just launched its second voxelized NFTs collection on TSB Marketplace. Once again, we’ve created in collaboration with the talented Nabiya Studio 10 NFTs representing Spells of Genesis fantasy world and characters.

Watch the trailer here 👀👉: ASKIAN-DOOR NFT DROP

Same as for the first collection, all people owning a NFT from our TheSandBox collection will have access to all upcoming exclusives experiences on the EverdreamSoft Estate. We also heard that owning a NFT could give you the opportunity to participate in a special giveaway during the Alpha Season 3 😉.


Sayosian Tax Collector: The Sayosian Tax Collectors roam the lands of Moonga in search of coins and illegal crystals. Sent by Emperor Daryen, they plunder the homes of those who cannot pay.

The Ice Dragon: The Ice Dragon is located at the top of the Askian Door Peak, he descends from time to time but stays high most of the time to watch the balance of the Valley.

Merchant Guild Ripple: Askian is an economically prosperous region due to this merchant guild, whose reputation extends well beyond the borders of the valley.

Old Goblin Miner: The Old Goblin is a wise miner, he knows like no other where to drill for gems and crystals.

Goblin Miner: No one works harder than the Goblin Miner. His tenacity and teamwork are always rewarded with the discovery of many treasures.

Red Knight: On foot or on horseback, the Red Knight’s dexterity has been heard far beyond the Askian Valley. She is known to have single-handedly defeated a Colossus and his minions.

Fireplace: The place where soldiers and travellers meet, tell stories and cook their favorite food.

Weapon Rack: A stand for the swords and axes of the greatest Askian warriors.

Skull Torch: This torch is used to light camps and villages and is made from the skull of a dangerous horned creature.

Small SatoshiBlock: This is a small version of the SatoshiBlock, don’t be fooled by its size, it also contains a lot of mysteries.

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