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LIVE : Spells of Genesis NFTs Drop on TheSandBox!

Very excited news! EverdreamSoft just launched its first voxelized NFTs collection on TheSandBox. We’ve created in collaboration with Nabiya Studio 14 NFTs including 8 iconic characters from Spells of Genesis.

All people participating in the drop will have access to an upcoming exclusive experience on the EverdreamSoft Estate that should be ready by the end of the year. In addition, we’ll also make a draw among these people. The lucky winner will receive one SIACARD, a vintage card from 2017. To participate, you’ll need to purchase at least one NFT from our collection between April 13th and 20th.


Satoshi Creator of Blockchain : The mysterious Satoshi who is at the origin of the Blockchain. No one has seen him, but everyone knows about him.

SatoshiBlock : The SatoshiBlock protects and contains all the information kept by the mysterious Satoshi.

BearWhale : The Bearwhale hides deep down in the caves of jewels. From time to time he gets out and pours a great quantity of precious gems, gathered in his gaping mouth.

Sir of the Ether : Ethereum is a company of ethereal-dragon riders which arrived from the West, beyond the mountains. After mastering the Ether, they decided to extend their knowledge to other parts of Askian.

The Theft of Mount Gox : It is said that Mount Gox, one of Askian’s richest in crystals and gems, was robbed of all its treasures by one man. The miners lost their jobs and, in anger, publicly humiliated their leaders. The wealth of the mount was never traced back.

Doge Mat : The Mat, where Doge rests all day long, waiting for people to bring him treasures.

Doge : Doge is a worshiped dog in Askian. He likes to relax in cozy places. When travelers want to see or pet him, they usually bring him some of his favorite Dogecoins. He is famous for his peculiar way of looking, said to bring his visitors wisdom and inner peace.

Doge Altar : The Altar, where Doge will be cherished and never be forgotten.

Sayosian Soldier : Ever in formation, the Sayosian shield wall brings destruction to resisting villages in Moonga. Rumor has it they’re marching towards Askian as well…

Woodland Bard : The Woodland Bard lives in a simple hut in Askian’s eastern forests. Being in close contact with animals and woodsmen, he sings them the song of the mountain and tree. Animals and men gather around to hear his rhymes of events that took place in mystical places.

Gem Merchant : The Gem Merchant can be found at the Open Bazaar, where the people of Askian come together to freely trade their goods and services for glowing gems and crystals. This Bazaar, surrounded by the Mighty Mountains of Askian, is exempt from all taxes.

Basket of Gems : This basket is full of precious gems that can be traded at the OpenBazaar.

Askian Pavilion : The Askian Pavilion provides shade and a safe place to rest. It is said that people from Askian like to meet there at dawn.

Askian Monumental Portal : The monumental door at the entrance of Askian is keeping you safe from the terrible armies of Sayosia.



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