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Geneva, Switzerland (October 20th, 2022): Spells of Genesis is very excited to announce the release of the awaited new version of its mobile game. The UX and UI design experiences of the game have been incredibly improved to enhance the user’s game experience.

🔥What to expect from this new release?🔥

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Spells of Genesis’ public release, we designed a new campaign where we invite you to fight the powerful Askian’s families. The campaign will be available until January 2023 and 7 EPIC cards will be up for grabs. Are you up for the challenge?

🚀 New Features 🚀

▶️ An account management page has been added
▶️ A language selection feature is now available
▶️ A password reset feature is included

▶️ A lot of visual and graphic improvements have been made including a brand new leaderboard visual
▶️ Game feel updates (enemy attack & hits, impact on crates, hole animation…)
▶️ Enemy attack strength is now displayed
▶️ The possibility to drag and drop cards in your team deck is activated
▶️ Card upgrade preview

▶️SoG blockchainized cards can now be withdrawn on Casa Tookan. Please reinstall the app to make it work.

▶️ We are our own publisher since June
▶️ We did a server migration and improvements

▶️ and so on!

Once you’ll start exploring the new version, you’ll see many more new features and improvements in the different steps and levels of the game. The team also worked on fixing several bugs to make the experience smoother and more agreeable.

Do not hesitate to share with us your feedback regarding this new release.

You can do so on the stores and/or on our Telegram & Discord accounts.

For those who don’t know Spells of Genesis yet 👇

As the first blockchain-based mobile game ever made, Spells of Genesis (SoG) combines trading card game (TCG) functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games. It was launched in April 2017 after a successful crowdfunding campaign ran in 2015, which gathered around 300,000 USD to start the development of the game. The first card of the game named FDCARD was minted on 11/03/2015 and is one of the most famous vintage NFT.

Players have to collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck in order to fight their enemies in a series of battles. Associating deck-building strategy with an easy and intuitive gameplay, Spells of Genesis is surrounded and supported by a strong community of players and collectors.

*Please note that we have a brand new SoG app on Google Play. In order to try this new version, it will be necessary to download it. You’ll find below the new link.

▶️ GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.everdreamsoft.spellsofgenesis
▶️ AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/app/spells-of-genesis/id1163689873




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