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Visit the SoG showroom and meet Shaban!­­­­

As previously announced in our RoadMap, we have created a Showroom on CryptoVoxels dedicated to Spells of Genesis to commemorate its 5th anniversary.

This unique showroom is EverdreamSoft’s new metaverse experience and has been created in collaboration with Nabiya Studio. Within the Showroom, users will be able to explore the history and the concept of the game and view impressive and imposing statues of their favorite SoG characters.

To celebrate this event, we invite you on Friday May 13th at 3pm UTC to visit the Showroom and meet Shaban Shaame avatar, EverdreamSoft’s Founder & CEO. Shaban will introduce himself and talk to you about his inspiration for the game and the story behind its creation. Once his talk is completed, he’ll hang around with visitors to answer questions from the community and interact with them.

The talk will take place on the Showroom’s Rooftop. Here is the link

Once in the showroom, click on the spirals to move from one floor to another

We also seize this opportunity to do a card giveaway. Shaban will announce the name of the card during his talk. To participate, you’ll need to be at least Level 8 in SoG and complete the Showroom form by May 20th.

Complete the contest form and sign the showroom book to participate in the contest!

See you very soon!



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