Unlock Daily Rewards with BitCrystals (BCY): Introducing Our New BCY Staking & Liquidity Platform

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3 min readOct 12, 2023


Hello, BitCrystals Community! 🚀

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new platform for BCY Staking and Liquidity Providing: staking.bitcrystals.com! The crypto-world is ever-evolving and BitCrystals is excited to contribute a landmark development for our community and the ecosystem at large.

🛡 Secure Your Assets and Reap Daily with BCY Staking

Step into the vibrant world of BCY staking with three tailor-made pools to meet varied staking strategies. Choose to stake your BCY into one of the pools with different lock-in periods:

  • 30 Days Pool: Enjoy a daily distribution of 50 BCY
  • 60 Days Pool: Secure a daily distribution of 100 BCY
  • 365 Days Pool: Reap a hefty daily distribution of 150 BCY

Every day, revel in BCY earnings, proportionally distributed among the stakeholders of each pool.

💰 Boost Your Earnings as a BCY Liquidity Provider

BitCrystals paves the way for a win-win situation where you can augment your yield by becoming a Liquidity Provider on our platform. Upon providing liquidity to the BCY & ETH pool, your crypto assets will facilitate a smoother trading environment on DEX, and in return, you’ll accrue fees generated from trades.

Key highlights:

  • A tempting 150% reward in BCY
  • A flexible lock term of 15 days

Note: Ensure equal value deposits for BCY and WETH to maintain pool proportionality.

Participate, provide liquidity, claim your reward, and help us create a more fluid and dynamic trading environment.

Note for Liquidity Providing:

  • Rewards are a luscious 150% in BCY, but remember to claim them.
  • Equal amounts of BCY and WETH are crucial to maintain a balanced pool.

🌉 Bridge: Seamless Transfers Between Ethereum and Counterparty

A groundbreaking announcement in the BCY ecosystem: The BCY Bridge is open to our whitelisted beta users. Facilitating seamless BCY transfers between Ethereum and Counterparty, our community can now exploit the offerings of both blockchains, ensuring flexibility and a rich user experience. Are you a long term community member? You hold BCY on Counterparty? Secure your spot and explore the bridge by registering for the whitelist in the upcoming second round.

🧙 Imminent Arrival of the Spells of Genesis DAO

Buckle up, as the Spells of Genesis DAO is about to redefine gaming experiences! BCY holders will soon wield the power to not only immerse themselves in the game but also to sculpt its very lore. Every decision, every vote, and every contribution will add a new strand to the weaving of Spells of Genesis, crafting a game that’s forged by the community, for the community. So do not forget to keep some BCY in your wallet to use for the DAO ;)

Where can I buy BitCrystals (on Ethereum)?

If you don’t own BitCrystals (ETH) yet, you can SWAP ETH to get BCY on the link below:

➡️ BitCrystals(ETH) : https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?chain=mainnet

BitCrystals contract: 0xAdbBB02E20C44779e87F7eA90C47c9A7a8A93fee

​​We’re taking steps toward a future where you’re not just a player but a pivotal part of our universe. Immerse yourself in BCY, where every stake, liquidity provision, and decision in the DAO weave you deeper into the BitCrystals ecosystem.

🌐 Explore: staking.bitcrystals.com

📬 Join the Conversation on our Discord Server: BitCrystals Community

🚀 Here’s to magnifying possibilities, expanding horizons, and crystalizing our collective future.

With Excitement,

The EverdreamSoft Team