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Cross-chain DEX running on Arweave: What is everPay Swap?

everPay Swap, developed by everPay and eco-partner Goblin team, leverages the power of everPay’s opAction: bundle to enable a real-time exchange experience on a decentralized blockchain application.

The everPay team deeply integrated the Swap functionality to provide exchange capabilities on everPay products.

Decentralized real-time exchange

The everPay protocol is implemented using a store-based computing paradigm. Unlike traditional blockchain transfers that have to wait for packaging, transactions on everPay are completely real-time, no waiting for packaging, and the server guarantees that transactions are sequentially uploaded to Arweave within minutes.

everPay Swap uses everPay’s opAction: Bundles. Bundles contain the signatures of two transfer transactions exchanged by users and market makers in everPay transactions, the exchange will be completed in real time after the transactions and signatures are verified by everPay servers.

Excellent price, no gas-fees

Inspired by the uniswap’s v3 protocol, everPay Swap uses a similar formula to implement a virtual pool of funds for automatic market making, achieving better market making capital utilization and providing users with quality quotes comparable to centralized exchanges.

With no block transaction fees and currently only a 0.3% dex fee, everPay swap is perfect for users with small or quick swaps.


everPay Swap locks in the price at the time of redemption, so what you see is what you get. The exchange is done in real time, there is no miner packing step, there’s also no miner extractable value (MEV) leading to miner arbitrage and a significant reduction in the amount the user actually gets from the exchange.

Support trading pairs

everPay Swap is open for WAR/USDT trading pairs. As everPay Swap’s capacity increases and smart routing is implemented, more assets will be supported to swap.

Current Experience

  1. Connect to everPay using MetaMask / WalletConnect / ArConnect
  2. Go to everPay Swap page
  3. Enter the quantity
  4. Confirm the redemption details
  5. Complete the redemption



More about everPay

Real Time Token Payment Protocol.

everPay is a trusted cross-chain settlement protocol built based on the Arweave Blockchain using a storage-based computing paradigm. everPay locks cryptographic assets on other public chains in the smart contract and maps them to the corresponding assets, enabling users to transfer funds and make payments based on a specific protocol. everPay transaction costs are very low, with thousands of transactions just costing as little as 0.05 USD. In addition, everPay has no TPS limit, and the size of the TPS depends on the application architecture and server capabilities of each protocol.

About Goblin

Goblin is an experienced full-stack development team with a passion for blockchain, having developed products such as Niffler wallet and goblin mining pool.

🔗 Our links: everFinance | everPay | Twitter | Github | Discord | Telegram



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