How to Manage Scale, and Operate in Scaling Organizations

Managing Scale

In researching scale, I’ve seen it referred to as a beast, chaos, and a black art. Quickly scaling is the ultimate test for managers and company builders: In fast-moving companies with high stakes, can you operate effectively enough to build a strong, enduring organization?

The Scale Anticipation Fallacy

The logical first interaction with scale is anticipation. It seems to loom so close, that preparations should be made for it’s arrival immediately! This is a trap that leads to a lot of stupid behavior that could be avoided through some critical thought.

Managing Scale by Managing Complexity

One of the many interesting pieces about scale suggested by Gergely Hodicska was written by a veteran Facebook Engineer, Kent Beck. This post jumped out because while it was clearly about managing scale, it completely reframed the problem: Scale isn’t the problem — scale is the force that turns failures of complexity into problems.

Mathematic Models of Scaling Problems

Do you ever wonder why scaling up an organization causes such trouble? There are a few mathematical formulas that explain this clearly, and model the challenges that are to be overcome in order to scale successfully. I’m very grateful for this post by Adrian Colyer, suggested by Gergely Hodicska.

It does not.

Check out this model of Wait Time compared to Utilization:

Scaling Up Excellence

By far the most comprehensive resource on this list is Scaling Up Excellence, suggested by Mahesh Bhatia. It was written by two Stanford professors who have studied scaling organizations for the past ~10 years.

Manage Scale by Managing Bottlenecks

If your company is growing fast and you’re worried about scaling well, that means you’re likely to have customers waiting on you — Demand > Supply. So the faster you can deliver product successfully to customers, the faster you will grow!

How to Design an Organization for Scale

Scaling a company is a necessary evil in Ben Horowitz’ view. Fortunate though you are to be in a company that is growing and expanding, it means that everything is about to get harder. He wrote a great post about what must change to keep the organization from breaking down during growth.

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Timeless Wisdom on Business Topics, created from the best resources suggested by our readers. Each week there’s a new topic and a new Edition of Evergreen Business Weekly. Become a member at