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Mission & Method of Evergreen

Eric Jorgenson
Jan 5, 2015 · Unlisted

These two beliefs led to the creation of Evergreen:

  1. We believe that time spent learning the important things thoroughly is well invested.
  2. We believe the most important thing a person can do is help another person know more.

(The second idea comes from Charlie Munger, who has helped me know an awful lot more, which I appreciate daily.)

“If you know how to learn, you know enough”

The Problem Being Solved

There is a problem with content distribution online. Everything is chronologically sorted with newest on top, refreshing constantly. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, News, etc. It’s constant and clamoring; aggressive and accelerating.

We re-read the same concepts on the same sites, recycled and repackaged to capture our clicks — wasting our time and effort.

Some creators work hard to produce well-crafted, timeless material that will always be relevant. These are the masterpieces — pieces that change lives if they find us at the right time. But with these distribution systems, that proper timing has long odds.

There’s a small window for us to discover and absorb meaningful content, in the correct context for our lives. This context friction applies across many measures: Form, Medium, Material, Difficulty, Life State, and Life Stage.

This is what Evergreen solves. We collect resources, and build a library of the best content we can find that is always accessible and organized for you. Evergreen enables you to find the right information at the right time.

Maybe you need an instructive long-form article on basic hiring practices. Maybe you need an academic paper on burn-out and vacation policies. Maybe you need the answer to all of next months’ growth scaling problems. Maybe you need the guide to succeed in a new role after your promotion.

Evergreen organizes the Internet’s information for your personal use.

Why Evergreen is the Solution

The way we read/watch/listen today is not the best way to earn important knowledge. Too much of our consumption is scattered and disorganized, which gives us the illusion of progress, but doesn’t create genuine understanding over the long-term.

To help each other know more, we are going to create brain-building weekly Editions. There will be one topic each week, built from relevant resources that a diverse group has submitted. Any book, talk, article, story, podcast, case study, video, personal story, or link will be accepted. Suggestions will be read, categorized, and synthesized into a new Edition of Evergreen.

An Edition should feel like reading a short book on the topic. Expect it to take up to a few hours, because the goal is to create a thorough understanding. We’ll approach the topic from a few directions with complementary resources. Rather than approaching a topic in a fragmented way over months, you’ll have a sensible progression through resources that are contextualized, smooth, and consistently excellent.

Each Edition, and every resource that was submitted (whether it was in the Weekly Edition or not) will be archived in the Evergreen Library, where it will be categorized and cross-referenced for future reference.

A Library is not a luxury but one of the Necessities of Life”

Thank you for supporting our mission to help each other know more.

Welcome to Evergreen: Share your email to join.

Any improvements that you can think of, I’d love to hear about.

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I've also written about the process of starting Evergreen:How a prototype's failure created the next iterationFollow me on Twitter: @EricJorgenson

Evergreen Business Fortnightly

Timeless Wisdom on Business Topics, created from the best resources suggested by our readers. Each week there’s a new topic and a new Edition of Evergreen Business Weekly. Become a member at


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Evergreen Business Fortnightly

Timeless Wisdom on Business Topics, created from the best resources suggested by our readers. Each week there’s a new topic and a new Edition of Evergreen Business Weekly. Become a member at

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