5 Time Management Hacks to Reduce Stress at Work

Many of us complain of not having enough time on our hands, which is ironic since we all have the same 24 hours in a day. It always seems like it’s not enough to fulfill tasks that we need to be working on. And we find ourselves with a long list of unfinished work, leaving us more stressed. And when stress kicks in, it affects our thinking and the quality of work we do. Bad business indeed.

So before that happens, take the time in learning and adapting these 5 golden time management hacks to reduce stress at work.

1. Limit time on Social Media

According to a Gallup study, spending a ‘few minutes’ on social media or any app you have on your mobile before going back to work can actually turn into 30 minutes to an hour. No need to completely shun social media use in the workplace. It’s just a matter of making it a habit to limit time spent on these sites or apps to a few minutes or until you’ve finished your task.

2. Don’t leave open items unfinished

Many of us are guilty of this. Ever find that one task that you’ve opened and then realized it takes a lot more time than you thought it would be and you end up saying ‘I’ll deal with this later’. That later can turn into hours, days, weeks, and still you find that same task at the end of the list unfinished and forgotten.

Once you’ve decided to open an item, finish it even if it’s not your priority for that day. At least you already have one task ticked off your list and that’s still fulfilling. You don’t have to deal with it later and you have more time to spend on important items.

3. Turn off notifications

Switch off app notifications at work. There will always be a demand for your attention whether it’s an email, text, phone call, app notification, etc. Make sure you switch off unimportant notifications and save your attention for important ones when at work.

4. Use a productivity app

Select a good project management tool wherein you can list down tasks you aim at finishing per day. It gives you a direction of what you need to accomplish and gives you a slight tap on the back when accomplished.

It’s best to pair it with a time tracking software like Everhour and TimeDoctor as it helps you further analyze how much time you actually spend on certain tasks. It also helps you determine which ones you spend the most energy on and improve your workaround.

5. Plan your day

Planning ahead saves you a lot of time figuring out what you should do with your day. Will it go the way you’ve planned it? Perhaps not. There’s a 50% chance it won’t. But still, you have set a purpose and a goal for that day. If you’re anything like me, you’ll make sure you meet these goals before your day ends in spite of distraction.

These are just some of the habits you can adapt in your work to make your day more productive and feeling fulfilled. Start incorporating these on a daily basis and you’ll find yourself more accomplished and organized.

Post provided by Time Doctor