Face Recognition, Path Payments, Mnemonics and more!

Charles Lobo
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2 min readApr 11, 2021


Everlife Release 2.0.0

We are pleased and excited to announce the release of ✨ Everlife Explorer — Release 2.0.0! ✨

This release contains:

  1. Mnemonic key generation — because it’s much easier to remember a list of words than your public/private keys. For new users, these words hold the key to (re-)generate the avatar, it’s stellar wallet, and it’s ethereum wallet as well!
  2. Face recognition — your avatar can now recognise your face and log you in. The new face recognition allows you to set up a password protected access to your avatar that can be unlocked only by your face. 🤯
  3. Purchase EVER functionality — you can now purchase EVER from any other account that contains XLM or other assets that can be traded through to EVER. The system will find you the best price and the best path for the amount you wish to purchase. 💰 💵

Let’s take a look at each of these features in turn.

Mnemonic key generation

Your Everlife Explorer participates in several blockchains and holds keys for all of them. It holds

  1. A Stellar Wallet and it’s associated keys,
  2. An Ethereum Wallet and it’s associated keys, and of course
  3. The Ever-Blockchain (Everchain) and it’s associated keys

All these keys have been consolidated into your secret file, which is copied for you in your backup. In addition, we are now generating the keys via a mnemonic which allows you to save your keys much more securely by simply keeping the mnemonic safely offline.

See a demo of the new mnemonic setup above.

Face recognition

Just like Facetime, your face can now unlock your avatar’s login screen. In your profile page, you can now take photos of your face and the avatar will then look them over and use them to recognize you when it starts next.

Take a look at the face recognition in action in the video above. You can also set a password to use that will override the face recognition in case you want to force a login.

Purchase EVER functionality

You can now fund your avatar with EVER directly from within the Explorer. All you need is any valid asset on the Stellar network that has a potential path to EVER (for example USD->XLM->EVER) and the Explorer will find the best offers possible on the network to make the transaction for you.

Funding your avatar’s wallet will also take care of activating the wallet and setting up the trustline needed for accessing the EVER asset on the Stellar blockchain.

In addition, Everlife Explorer — Release 2.0.0 incorporates the latest releases of all underlying technology — from Process Management, the GUI Framework, the Everchain, and the Stellar library.

The latest explorer is faster, smaller, and more performant than ever before! 😎 . Try it out here!