Proof of Uptime Job Announcement

Alex Roy
Alex Roy
Jul 30 · 2 min read

Dear Evernauts,

Happy to announce the first exclusive job on EverLife.AI network for Avatar Nodes.

Job: Proof Of Uptime

One of the key ingredients of a robust network is the uptime of nodes in the Network. This increases the number of Active Avatars on the network and the capacity of the Network to take on jobs. Proof of Uptime job incentivizes those who keep their Avatar Nodes up. Every day a Proof Of Uptime job task is assigned to each Avatar which they need to perform the same day.

Payout*: Payout amount and the difficulty level is variable and depends on the EVER balance of the Avatar. Here are the current payout amounts for Proof Of Uptime, this would change over time as the kitty allocated for this job reduces over time.

If you’d like to increase your EVER balance to maximize earnings you can buy EVER from the exchange as well.

Required Qualification: Proof Of Uptime Skill Installation on Avatar Node

Job Description: Your Avatar will be assigned a Proof Of Uptime Task every day, which needs to be performed the same day. Each day a 2 digit letter combination will be assigned to Avatars, they have to use the Proof Of Uptime Skill to generate a valid Stellar Address that ends with this 2 letter suffix and submitted to the Job Mgr service run by EverLife. The Job Mgr service would validate this and then pay each Avatar as per the Payout plan.

How-to Steps:

  1. Ensure you have EverLife Explorer 1.1.2 or higher installed from here
  2. Add Proof of Uptime Skill: Type /install proof-of-uptime to your Avatar
  3. Enroll for Job: Type /enroll 100100

So go ahead, put your Avatar to work to strengthen the network and earn EVER tokens for yourself and your loved ones!!


#1 AI Avatar Network - Preserve your Legacy on the BlockChain

Alex Roy

Written by

Alex Roy

Founder & CEO


#1 AI Avatar Network - Preserve your Legacy on the BlockChain

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