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Jesse Day
Jesse Day
Feb 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Hello, designers and design enthusiasts. Welcome to the dewy-green Evernote Design publication! We’re glad you’re here.

This is where the Evernote Design team gives back to the community by sharing our tales of adventure in the hopes that you, gentle reader, might learn something from our starry-eyed obsessions, misguided blunders, and occasional flashes of genius.

We’ve got some big challenges ahead of us this year — from unifying the brand across five platforms to building new functionality that we hope will change the way people think about note taking and collaboration. In these posts, we’ll celebrate our victories and self-flagellate for our failures. We’ll give you all the gritty details of what goes right and wrong, and what we learn along the way.

We’ll also share some tips and tricks for how to work together as a happy and healthy design team, and how to arrive at better solutions, faster. Not saying we have all the answers on either front, but we’re constantly striving to improve our processes and eager to share what works for us.

Why should I care what you guys think?

Because designers have a lot of opinions and those opinions are always important and interesting. No, seriously, the purpose of sharing with you is to challenge your thinking — even as we challenge ourselves — and inspire you to try new things and break out of old habits.

See, here’s the thing: Design is hard.

Design is an art, and like all forms of art, it’s often tough to tell if you’re inching toward transcendence, or totally out to lunch.

Design in particular is really nothing more than a series of mistakes — hundreds of mistakes that push you forward until finally you arrive at the solution.

We believe in mistakes. And we believe in overcoming them. We also believe you shouldn’t have to make the same mistake more than once. If the whole design community works together — sharing insights and discoveries as we uncover them — we can raise the collective baseline and focus on solving ever more interesting problems.

Meet the team

Howdy ho!

Design has been central to Evernote ever since the very first designer — a freelancer named Gabe — dreamed up the elephant logo and then decided to stick around and build a team. Today, we’re a smallish but mighty group — twenty-two folks and counting — of product and marketing designers, design managers, researchers, writers, videographers, and illustrators. We’re all super passionate about what we do, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and stories with you.

Are you feeling design-lonely?

You may be trying to get by right now as the only designer at your company. Or you might be contracting, or trying to launch a startup, or any number of other things that could make you feel a little lonely in the design department. We’re lucky at Evernote. We have a great team. When you’re on a team, you get to learn from each other constantly, and it’s in the spirit of designers learning from other designers that we launch this publication.

Design is hard. No one should have to go it alone.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

For product news and productivity tips, check out the Evernote Blog.

Want to join the team? We’re hiring.

Evernote Design

Tales of adventure from the Evernote Design team

Jesse Day

Written by

Jesse Day

Growth Design & Content Strategy at Evernote

Evernote Design

Tales of adventure from the Evernote Design team

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