Introducing Everscore

Everscore provides the infrastructure to immortalize accomplishments in gaming, sports and entertainment.

Everscore is a blockchain based application where games, sports authorities and entertainment venues can bestow personal records and achievements to individuals.

Users will be able to link to their score and share on social media. Any such achievement will be undeniable as it can be verified on the blockchain.

As sports venues are modernizing, more and more data is collected. This data often exists inside a vacuum without you, the owner, being able to access it.

Everscore aims to liberate this data so it becomes shareable on the internet in a trustworthy fashion.

A blockchain solution for your personal accomplishments

Data generated by iWearables during sports will enable the early scouting of new talent and is also shareable with your friends. However at this time this poses a privacy problem. Current solutions require you to sign away the rights to your data when you share them. Blockchain can play a role in regaining control over this data by individuals.


  • Everlasting record-keeping immortalizes your hard-won achievements.
  • Companies can give their games/venues a decentralized presence and incentivize players. (roadmap)
  • The complexity of the blockchain transactions can be hidden so users won’t have to deal with it. We know blockchain works best when the user doesn’t even know it’s there.
    This is made possible using VeChainThor’s Multi Party Payment technology.
  • While a venue is able to manually assign accomplishments, we have a specialized team that can help you modernize by installing IoT and sensors.
  • Within a certain category only one can be the best! 
    To represent this, special Challenge Cups can be claimed by excelling. You can excel by scoring the best in a certain category within a period / league.
    Challenge Cups can only be held during the next league when they will transition to the next champion. (roadmap)
  • Due to the nature of blockchain an enduring history is maintained.

In the versions to follow, corporates will be able to personalize their own company space and will be able to add their brand to Everscore and create a competition link with the company’s consumers and products. As such after a day out with great accomplishments and having them scanned to your wallet, in the evening (or even later from the retirement home) you can view and share your results online.

Everscore is launched by a group of enthusiastic blockchain experts with a strong technical background combined with an extensive business focus and experience.

We have a passion for blockchain technology and are dedicated to help grow the VeChain ecosystem. We are forging a new path and are on a mission to connect the world by digitizing game, sports and entertainment achievements via blockchain.

Our core team members have an extensive background and experience, because of this we are capable of bringing Everprotocol to success. Starting with its first product, Everscore, of which the beta will launch at the end of this month.

As dedicated & passionate individuals we take pride in working together towards a common vision that will define the future of Everscore, together with the support from the fantastic VeFam community.

We share VeChain’s vision of blockchain adoption and would be honored to join the ranks of its many great projects. The future is bright!

If you share our vision of adoption-focused real world applications, look for us at the Developer Challenge voting session (from April 1st 2019 — April 12th 2019).

Thanks for your support! #BUDL