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AION Staking Guide Via the OAN Native Wallet

Every technological invention allows people to solve different problems and interact with each other more effectively. And The Open Application network allows creating open-source applications based on its revolutionary infrastructure, helping people to have more privacy and control over what they are interacting with or share. In this tutorial, you will find out how to stake the native the OAN’s native cryptocurrency called AION.

Part 1: Installing and Setting Up The Desktop Wallet

Not many solutions across the network allow staking AION since its a relatively new network and requires more time for mass adoption. But with the current solutions available on the market, an ordinary user can easily stake their AION.

First of all, you have to download an official AION wallet from their GitHub page. Note, that the wallet is available for macOS, Windows and Linux platforms.

If you don’t posses AION, you can find an exchange where you can buy it on the official project website.

Once you download and install it, click on the button ‘Add Account’.

Choose the desired account name, password, and generate a mnemonic key, which should be saved in a safe place, since it cannot be recovered.

Part 2: Download And Launch The OAN Staking Application

Please note, that after you set up your desktop wallet you have to download an additional application which will allow you to stake the AION. Currently the OAN developers team can offer only this option, since the desktop wallet can only receive and send AION.

The staking application can be downloaded from their official website.

In case you’d like to verify the AION staking address which belongs to Everstake, you can refer to our AION page. Moreover, do not send your AION directly to the wallet which can be found on the website, because if you do so you won’t be getting any rewards. To receive rewards you have to download the UPK application and stake your AION only using it.

Once you download it, open the application and click on the ‘Account’ section.

Then simply click on ‘Sign In’ button.

You will be allowed to log in into your wallet using one of the available options such as:

  1. Keystore File
  2. Private Key
  3. Mnemonic Phrase

Choose one of these options and provide your wallet with the necessary credentials.

In the main menu you will be able to see your deposit amounts and also an option to delegate your AION.

Click on the ‘Delegate’ button.

From the long list of available validators find Everstake and click again on the ‘Delegate’ button.

Now, set the desired amount of AION that you want to delegate and proceed further to transaction confirmation.

Please allow up to 5–10 minutes for the network to confirm your operation.

After you successfully delegated your AION you can verify your staking operations under ‘My Delegations’ section in the main menu.

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