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AMA Session with Aishwary Gupta, Polygon Network Growth and Research

Polygon Network is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, designed to improve the network’s transaction processing speed and reduce transaction costs, and a platform where developers can launch their own sovereign blockchains and decentralized applications with easily customizable functionality. Among all the solutions created to scale the ecosystem built on Ethereum, the Polygon Network has gone the farthest, solving not only the problem of low bandwidth and high gas fees but also the problem of fragmentation of blockchains and protocols that do not interact well with each other. This explains the rapid growth of the Polygon Network infrastructure and the rising demand for its MATIC token.

Recently we had a discussion with Aishwary Gupta, and this recap should immerse you more into the topic.

Everstake: Hello everyone! We’re about to begin our AMA session with Aishwary Gupta, Polygon Growth and Research. Very pleased to have you here today, Aishwary! Please, introduce yourself to the Everstake community and tell us about your place in the Polygon Network.

Aishwary Gupta: Hello folks, my name is Aishwary Gupta, I am a Blockchain Growth Specialist and handle the growth, marketing, co-branding and collaborations in the DeFi team. A pleasure to be here.

Everstake: Thank you for the introduction, nice to meet you! What really motivated your team to bring such a great project into existence? And what is your mission and vision of your project?

Aishwary Gupta: Really amazing question, when Ethereum came into existence and we knew how the industry is going to be revolutionized by it. We wanted to help the chain in doing so and hence we came up with the plasma layer of Matic into existence to enhance the speed and reduce the transaction costs.

As we move ahead and ETH 2.0 comes into picture to achieve the 10,000 TPS we will help the chain to scale and reach even higher in its speed. That is the real aim for the chain that we have. We want to provide the L2 solution to ensure these aims are met.

Everstake: Amazing! A look at Polygon and how it has adapted to the challenges makes it currently one of the best Layer 2 solutions.

Can you list 1–3 killer features of Polygon Network that brings it ahead of its competitors?

Aishwary Gupta: Well, that’s really a tough one to just sum it up in 1–3 points but let me try:

1. It’s a low cost transaction.

2. It’s high transaction processing speed.

3. It’s market support. We have a lot of support that we push out from our side to ensure that the projects (which are over 3000) at the moment get an ecosystem to expand and flourish.

Everstake: Thank you for the answer! What part of the ecosystem are you personally most excited about?

Aishwary Gupta: Well, Polygon has been built to ensure and cater to all the types of solutions built on it but the most bullish that I’m imo are the enterprises which are going to build on us along with the whole DeFi ecosystem which I am a part of.

Everstake: Very grateful for your take, we were so curious! I think everyone here is also interested in your future plans.

What are you most thrilled about on the roadmap of 2022? Can you give us a sneak peek of what is coming next?

Aishwary Gupta: Uhmm, well let me share some of the things that we are looking at:

1. The Enterprises (as our zKP services will help provide private transactions on Ethereum chain)

2. The NFT, Gaming and Metaverse as we have locked some of the biggest platforms of the world and these are going to mature soon.

3. The DeFi ecosystem is also gearing up since the active number of users are increasing at a very fast pace and our ecosystem is becoming a full hub for all kinds of solutions with deep liquidity.

Everstake: Thank you, we’re so thrilled about your development!

Here’s a simple but interesting question from our community: can you explain in common terms how the ecosystem works?

Aishwary Gupta: Polygon has a host of solutions that we have created. To start with we have a plasma solution, what it does is, it batches the transactions and sends a snapshot of the ethereum chain. The Pos bridge is the 5th most used bridge in the dapps on eth. and the 1B fund which has been acquired will be used for enterprise solutions so that we can onboard more users from the enterprise side. Lastly, the nft labs is also a good solution to build the whole ecosystem out there for NFT and Metaverse.

Everstake: This answer could be a complete guide for newbies

Before we get to more Polygon-related questions, I wanted to know your thoughts on the current market and what would you recommend to new people entering the market? Basically, what would you say to a new person getting into crypto?

Aishwary Gupta: Crypto is being built from the scratch and someone who is entering the market should learn more about the project before they invest in as only the strong projects will survive in the end. Google is filled with crypto content and you can just try and consume the basics and not the wides which just talks about price speculations. A knowledgeable audience is the best way to grow the crypto community.

Everstake: Wise words! The next question is: Which other areas have the most potential in crypto in your opinion?

Aishwary Gupta: I think most of the sectors are just starting to develop, the industry will look more towards DAO’s, zk Roll Ups and Metaverse including NFT marketplace and real life use cases

Everstake: Thank you for the insight! Let’s move to the next topic: What was the reason behind forming a Polygon Ecosystem DAO? What do you think about the future of ZK proof?

Aishwary Gupta: We believe in not just saying but also working towards decentralization and Polygon wanted more projects to come aboard but the decision making to not solely depend on the Polygon Foundation and hence we moved towards making the DAO to fund and provide grants to the projects building on Polygon. There are a lot of new updates and roadmaps on the way and these will be unveiled as we grow and unveil our future path.

ZK like i said is one of the biggest narrative of 2022 where it helps onboard enterprises on Polygon

Everstake: Thank you for the extensive answer. Undoubtedly, ZK is the right thing to focus on. Our next community question is: Currently, the market is becoming very bullish on the NFT trend. Can you share your opinion on NFT as a player in the market?

Aishwary Gupta: absolutely, when we look at the space of NFT it is evolving at such a fast pace that it is very difficult now to even keep track of all the developments. There is a new use case emerging every hour and is being funded and built on top of it. It’s no more just a php file but the things that have real use cases.

Everstake: Thank you for a great response! Let’s go on the next community question: Doesn’t Eth 2.0, an Ethereum that can scale on its own, reduce the need for Polygon?

Aishwary Gupta: ETH 2.0 is going to process 10k transaction per second in an optimal environment and when we look at VISA and Mastercard their TPS is somewhere around 65000 TPS which is way higher and when we talk about this there are just financial transactions but when we talk about blockchain world there are a lot more things than just financial transactions. So You can do the math

Everstake: Eminently reasonable approach. Our next community question is focused on the security: Every week there is a DeFi hack. Just recently AscendEX was hacked. How do you provide the most secure solutions for users on the Polygon Network? What protocol partners are you working with for this purpose?

Aishwary Gupta: This is a very big concern and hence we have partnered with the top protocols like cetrix to ensure that all the projects before deployment are audited and then only they are deployed with user funds. We have plenty of these providers who help us get the audits done faster and at a cheaper rate.

Everstake: Thank you, Polygonians can sleep soundly! The next question is: Could you shed some light on the rapid growth of the Indian blockchain business and how it will do from the legal point of view due to the latest government restrictions?

Aishwary Gupta: Absolutely, the Indian ecosystem is set to be the next silicon valley as most of the projects have Indians in a way or other. We are ensuring that the talents are well prepared and most of the biggest names are coming from the country. Like other nations, the regulations will take time to evolve and probably will be an agenda of the parliament in the monsoon session around april 2022. We are hopefull for a bright and a supportive ecosystem.

Everstake: Thank you for the extensive response! Now to the next question: Why has Matic network rebranded to Polygon? How did the Polygon main focus change?

Aishwary Gupta: This is because we expanded our vision, earlier we just were a plasma solution while today we have a host of solutions and this vision expanded when we saw the opportunities around it.

Everstake: We got you, thanks. And, finally, here’s our last community question: Could you please tell us more about what role the MATIC token plays within the network?

Aishwary Gupta: The biggest use case for the token is to stake the token to get a healthy return from it and the other use case of the token is to pay fees.

Everstake: Thanks for the answer! It was a great and very informative conversation, Aishwary! We’re very honored to have you here today. We wish Polygon endless and successful growth! Would you like to add something before we wrap it up?

Aishwary Gupta: We live in an exciting world. How we evolve is something we have to see but one thing is for sure is that crypto is the way ahead.

Everstake: That’s true! Thank you for your time, goodbye! Thanks to everyone who stayed with us during this AMA! Keep in touch with Everstake

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