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Attic Lab Contribution To the EOS Blockchain

The way we spend our time defines who we are — due to the given reason, throughout these years we did our best in terms of broadening our horizon and taking steps forward in the aspect of developing and supporting many blockchain technologies. The experience of our tech-savvy blockchain specialists has laid a strong foundation for change across many projects, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Every experience brings greater clarity of vision and thanks to our knowledge and expertise our team had an opportunity to achieve a great level of success in terms of our staking platform — Everstake, which contributes time and knowledge to build what communities need. Recently, according to Staking Rewards, Everstake has been nominated as the most popular staking provider by users. The obvious leadership and the great result came from the community-oriented vision, thanks to which we are able to set our goals properly and support the development process of a decentralized ecosystem.

In this recap, you will find detailed information on how we strive to improve the existing blockchain space across such projects as EOS. Moreover, you will discover many working solutions created by Attic Lab and Everstake that help communities interact with these technologies. Enjoy!

EOS Contribution and Block Producing

Attic Lab’s mission is not only to maintain block producing processes at a decent level but to contribute and develop new tools for all network participants. Our contribution includes education initiatives, translations, plugins, computational resources aid, as well as analytics tools. And here’s the shortlist of what we have accomplished so far for the EOS community:

  • ENF Support. We are actively supporting ENF initiatives on the path to EOS re-birth. We are looking forward to the scope of future perspectives and opportunities, including Mandel 3.0 Upgrade. These types of opportunities are going to bring main hard fork features, fulfillment in the scope of development and team with success and achievements.
  • CPU Performance. AtticLab has been the fastest BP on EOS (1.1ms for a block production back in 2019 already), which means a lot in terms of the successful blockchain work. After analyzing CPU performance statistics, one cannot deny the advantage of Attic Lab around the EOS Mainnet network. Thanks to the development-oriented vision and upgraded infrastructure, we have been able to maintain the highest quality already for several years.
  • Educational Materials. We created plenty of guides that should help users to get familiar with the EOS ecosystem. On our EOS page, you will have an opportunity to find the list of all content that we have provided for you (like guides on staking and voting for different wallets). From beginners to experienced members, this is a great chance to learn something new and experience the EOS ecosystem from different perspectives. Here is some of the content that has been published recently:
  • EOS Staking and Voting for Rewards (A video guide) — get familiar with EOS blockchain in just under 7 minutes and learn all the important aspects related to the staking and voting concept.
  • EOS Transition to PowerUp — since April 8th, 2021, EOS has introduced the PowerUp model, which had a fundamental influence on the EOS ecosystem. Despite all the opportunities and advantages that PowerUp brought with us, it still raised several questions. Thanks to this article, you have the possibility to find all the answers in one place.
  • Community Involvement. Communication is the real work of leadership. Thus, we are always trying to communicate on the main media channels with the audience regarding every single important update and news.
  • Some other highlights: check out a study of the EOS resource model by AtticLab. In summer 2021, AtticLab has provided a feedback for Stake-based Voting & Rewards Proposal and took a part in The Cryptowriter Roundtable w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D from GenerEOS where Block Producers from US and Europe discussed WAX, NFTs, and EOS perspectives. Watch it on Youtube.

Another interview to read: Genpool Spotlight with Attic Lab (Aug 2021) by GenerEOS.

AtticLab / Everstake has also participated in the 2021 Staking summit.

  • Earlier, Attic Lab has done quite a lot of development work for EOS: short recap.

With all these mentioned above, we constantly upgrade our infrastructure in order to provide higher uptime and performance. Our team keeps responsibility towards the EOS ecosystem by participating in EOS governance and EOS BPs communication channels to contribute to solutions that benefit the whole ecosystem.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank everyone who was actively involved in the process of development, education, and event organization. Attic Lab and Everstake intend to keep a steady course towards new solutions that will be developed and contributed to a variety of different blockchain projects. We’ll continue supporting different crypto-communities all across the globe, providing educational materials to drive mass adoption. We want to thank everyone for supporting the Attic Lab!

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